Our Feng Shui Design Process

We work to help you understand how our feng shui design process impacts your life and achieve success in implementing solutions.

Since 1970, I’ve been working with individuals to create functional and beautiful environments – homes as well as a variety of commercial and retail spaces. Green Chi Designs has several principles that guide our business:

Form Follows Function – There needs to be functionality of space. If you can’t find a comfortable place for reading, a table for family and friends to “break bread”, or a properly lit and ergonomically correct workspace, you just aren’t going to be happy. Workplaces provide a location where you can be of contribution to society through the sharing of you knowledge. Homes are a place to relax and rejuvenate body, mind and spirit. Once we know our feng shui designs are functional, we decipher how to make it beautiful in the eye of the beholder – or occupant – and reflect the style and personality of the occupant (or in the case of a corporation, the company culture).

Beauty in the character, brings harmony in the home – Green Chi Designs aligns with the character of the individual. The innate beauty of our clients is brought forth in the process of creating spaces for these individuals. Every family unit has its own energy and we strive to create environments that will support our clients, helping them reach their highest potentials.

Harmony in the home, brings order to the nation –These two stanzas of a Chinese Proverb (the previous one about beauty and this one about harmony) are values ingrained in my personal philosophy and that of my business. They touched my soul when I heard them. To this end, we educate our clients how to create balance using design principles. Then we add the elements of Feng Shui design and other ancient wisdoms to bring the building into alignment with the natural earth energies, which, in turn, aligns their personal energies. The Chinese Proverb ends by saying this will bring “Peace in the World”. It certainly brings more peace to the individual.

People first, company second – Yes, your company needs to be profitable, but a corporate culture can either diminish or expand its employees’ human potential – your greatest asset. Companies can and should be great places to work. If your employees dread coming to work due to an environment that doesn’t provide the proper climate for their job, you have serious productivity and employee retention problems. When supportive environments are developed, the business multiples rapidly in productivity and positive outcomes.

More is less and less is more – An axiom I use is, “The Universe abhors a vacuum” and It quickly works to fill it. The more stuff you have, the less likely the flow of good energy; and vise versa, the less items you have, the more openness you have for more opportunities to present themselves to you. I stopped selling furniture and accessories in my design business over 15 years ago. I found we generally have all we need. We just need to look at what we have with fresh eyes, possibly change it around and be creative. This saves you money while helping to save the planet. (Several reports say roughly 60% of the landfill, in certain areas, is produced by the design/build industry – their tearing down and throwing away items that are still useable.)

Eco-friendly, Sustainability and Social Responsibility – My life experiences have brought me to a point where these issues are part of the educational process I share with clients. We’re “borrowing from our children” the land and its resources. I’m not even close to perfect in this area nor is there a perfect product or solution. Awareness is the key. As we go through the process, I’ll unlock my vault of information to the alternative solutions in these fields, thus allowing you to make an educated decision in your choices.

Beauty is in the details – All my life I have created things with my hands – sewing, carving, construction, pottery, crafts, furniture. I have a love of detail, handmade objects and craftsmanship. I know the love put into an object – whether a small wood carving by one person or a mansion built by craftsmen from around the world – has a positive, high-vibrational energy that can be felt and enjoyed – providing a powerful environment in which to work and live.

Environmental and Lifestyle Results – By using the ideas presented on our site, through our Feng Shui design services and in our products you will see real results. You can expect to experience the following.

You’ll become knowledgeable about negative energies and how to change them to be positive. Most people never think about what has happened previously in a building. Every word and action leaves a residual energy. Some people are more sensitive to this energy than others. Doesn’t it make sense to clean, not only the walls and floors but also, the “whole house”? Infusing a space with your desired hopes and dreams will support your endeavors in life.

You’ll learn how balancing your environments bring peace and harmony to set the stage for success in your life. Winston Churchill once said, “First we shape our dwellings, then our dwellings shape our lives”. Each day you live in a box with four walls, a floor and a ceiling. That box sets the stage for your “life drama”. If it’s out-of-balance, lopsided, too active or stagnant, too “yin” or too “yang”, so it shapes your life. What does your home and work stage look like? Is it either “Les Miserables” or “It’s a Wonderful Life”?

Informed remodeling is a good ROI (Return on Investment). In today’s economic climate, a person needs to look at all aspects of the remodeling process. Green and sustainable building practices can be expensive, but doesn’t have to be. I’ll help you look at ROI. If there are health issues caused by characteristics within the house, it might override a cost factor. Learning how to develop a “good Feng Shui” home often affords the seller more than the asking price, as there are usually multiple offers from qualified Asian buyers.

Learning the “Dos and Taboos” of Feng Shui give you an added tool for success and happiness. There are several schools of Feng Shui design and each brings a unique perspective on the built and natural environments. Some work better under certain circumstances than others. By understanding the different schools’ principles, you’ll gain insights to change your home and work environments to better support your life – possibly even help you discover your passion, purpose and vision as it has helped others.

Cultural beliefs can make or break a business’ success. When good or bad things happen in a home or building, people remember what happened. Those thoughts perpetrate more of the same thoughts and often manifest into a repeat situation. Most cultures have beliefs about how to mitigate bad things. Learning about the beliefs of different cultures, what’s behind them, understanding them and then creating or performing blessings and rituals – that feel comfortable to those involved – leads to better work relationships. This can also be a great way to get everyone onboard as a team and start a new business or celebrate a milestone.

“The first wealth is health!” (Ralph Waldo Emerson) As we strive for more efficient building practices to reduce our energy and water consumption, we are “sealing the envelope” of the building. This term represents the closing off of unplanned ventilation through cracks allowing air exchange, especially during extremes in temperatures between the interior and exterior of the building. When doing this, we not only stop the air leakage, we also keep toxins trapped within our buildings. Knowing what is toxic and how to remedy the problems create healthier environments.

You’ll create better environments. As mentioned previously, every space has a function. And every function has specific qualities or characteristics that are most conducive for it to flourish. A manufacturing plant and a retreat center require different elements to be successful. You’ll gain insights into how colors, shapes, patterns, directions, sounds, smells, furniture and accessory placement, and much more, influence our response to our environment unconsciously. By including Feng Shui as part of the requirements for your decorating, design, improvement or build project, you add universal ancient wisdoms as a solid foundation for its success – AND YOURS! There’s a reason it has lasted for thousands of years enticing modern businesses and businessmen around the world, like Donald Trump, British Airways, BMW, and Siemens to use it. It works!

But you’ll need to do more that read. You need to get started to “move the chi”!

New Environmental Design Paradigm – The old design and Feng Shui paradigms taught secretiveness, elitism and disempowerment. This certainly doesn’t work for informed decision making for better environments. We use a new paradigm that is about service, education and human potential. We call this Green Chi Designs. The chart below shows the difference between these two models.

Old Paradigm New Paradigm

Self-Interested Contribution-based

Competitive Cooperative

Transaction oriented Relationship oriented

Focus on me Focus on you

Features/benefits In-depth information

Promotional Educational

Charge for time Charge for value

Negative Predictions Positive Possibilities (Potentials)

One-size/one-way fits all Customized/personalized options

“Sales Person” Trusted Advisor

Self-taught Mentorship

Non-supportive Encouraged

Fear-based/Uninformed Knowledge-based/Awareness

Limited viewpoint Empowerment

Serious/Staid Fun/Exciting/Invigorating

Based on Experience – The information incorporated in this site, shared in our products and integral in our services are based on direct, time-tested experience – mine, my masters and teachers, and my clients. It blends the hypothetical and theoretical ideas with the practical experience. If it works and fits the New Environmental Design Paradigm, we use it and we teach it to our clients.

Environmental Design Models – We use various Feng Shui design models to explain how environmental design works. These include “Nurturing the Soul”, “Environments that Heal”, “Feng Shui as a Tool for Life”, “Business Building Strategies from Asia” and A Guide to Designing Balance, Order and Beauty in Your Home, as outlined in the Green Chi Designs Institute.

Green Chi Designs eZine – Our primary communication vehicle is the Green Chi Designs eZine and Blog. You can read past articles on the Green Chi Designs Blog and subscribe here. When you do, you’ll get a free copy of “Nine Tips to Build Your Emotional Home”.

A Virtual & Hands-on Business – Green Chi Designs is both a “virtual” and Hands-on business. Primarily my business has been on-site all over North America. Also, I work “virtually” around the world through hard copy blueprints, pictures and videos and as well as “real-time” with Skype, web cams and YouTube videos. It started in 1983 by me, Linda Lenore. My Feng Shui house is a tract home we remodeled using green home building principles. It is located in the San Francisco Bay Area close to Stanford University & The Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital. My business affords me the opportunity and pleasure to work with diverse individuals, businesses and environments in contribution to serving creativity, humanity and the planet.

Green Chi Designs Environmental Products and Tools We offer marketing products and programs on this web site designed to help you create better environments. Realtors, designers and staging professionals can receive CEU credits for their industries, resources for products, and Green Chi Designs Certification in specialized fields in related industries. If you would like to apply for this training, click on this link. If you are an occupant of a space, we step you through the process to create better environments. A Chinese proverb says it well. “Give a person a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a person to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.” For information on all these tools to “feed you for a lifetime” follow this link.

Green Chi Designs Coaching and Mentoring – I have trained and certified a group of highly qualified Independent Professional as Green Chi Designs Environmental Coaches who can give you hands-on help with your environmental improvements. If you are looking for personal assistance or group programs, click on this link.

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