Our Ideal Client is…

We offer products and services for individuals who are committed to the creation of high-vitality environments to support the human potential

Most Green Chi Designs clients and customers are individuals with an awareness of the impact our built environments have on us as human beings. These are individuals who recognize the influence the physical environment has on the health, success and happiness of a person and want to provide a better workplace or residential environment to support work/life balance in order to improve and transform lives.

Typically our clients and customers possess expertise to help people purchase or make improvements to residential or commercial environments or are the people who occupy those environments. Plus they have an awareness that our built environments are more than four walls, a floor and ceiling; There is an energy that either undermines the purpose of the building and its occupants, or one that resonates at a higher vibration, thus supporting the planned usage.

The expertise they do NOT possess is how to evaluate and blend the modalities of “form follows functional” design, Green/Sustainable design practices, Feng Shui, Aging-In-Place principles and beauty to achieve a balanced, supportive and peaceful environment. Do any of the following scenarios fit your situation?

You know the last two owners of this house have divorced and several real estate agents have said, “The house just feels sad”? If you are the realtor, you don’t want your clients to experience this same fate. As an owner, or future owner, you wonder, “Is there anything I can do to reduce this repeated possibility? Is there something that can be done to make this dwelling feel warm and nurturing?”

Your life is in chaos and you’ve heard Feng Shui can bring harmony into a home. Your family seems to argue more and more, especially in the kitchen. You’ve heard stories how Feng Shui cures have helped and even asked a couple of your friends about their experiences. You’d like to learn more about Feng Shui, but wonder how you can implement it into your non-Asian styled home without adding even more clutter or conflict, especially since your husband doesn’t believe in Feng Shui, much less Feng Shui cures.

You’re thinking of remodeling your home, want to do “green home building” as part of the process since family members are experiencing environmental health issues and know for resale there are qualities needed to attract the Asian buyers in your area. You want to create home plans and design that reflect your style and lifestyle. What are the “dos and taboos” of Feng Shui? Should we consider following these rules when remodeling and designing our home? Is Feng Shui in conflict with our desire to be eco-friendly? What are the green facts we need to consider?

You’re excited to have signed a lease on a retail space when you find out the previous three occupants have gone “out-of-business”. It’s too late to back out of the lease and you’ve heard there are Feng Shui cures to help change this energy. There is very little build-out to be done in the space. Without making this look like a Feng Shui shop or store, is there anything we can do to mitigate the negative energy around this situation?

You’re a realtor whose lost several sales to Feng Shui. You’ve spent lots of time with some buyers only to have them say the houses have “Bad Feng Shui”. You don’t know what Feng Shui is or why it is important to certain buyers. What you’ve heard doesn’t make any logical sense and you’re open to learning about it in order to make more sales.

Your company is relocating to a building where there were massive layoffs and many of your employees believe this is “bad luck”, plus you want the environment to reflect your corporate culture, mission and purpose. You want to create a workplace that’s supportive for the individual while providing increased productivity for the company. It also needs a sense of playfulness where creativity abounds.

You’re a healing facility with an educational component – encouraging proactive choices to wellness. You’re space needs to reflect your mission, passion and purpose by providing a supportive environment for learning with a serene atmosphere for healing. In order to create these qualities, you’ve decided to form a team of professionals that includes Feng Shui and implement it in both your business and home environments.

If one or more of these situations feel true for you, please continue reading. This is the right place for you. There’s help for you here.

Our clients fall into one of the following categories:

Homeowners and renters: Anyone who lives inside a built structure whether it is a home, apartment, condo, townhouse, RV, houseboat or plane.

Realtors, Brokers and Leasing agents: Anyone who is responsible for the sale or rental of properties – commercial or residential – and needs to understand the qualities and attributes of the property, especially if working with Asian clients who want Feng Shui or Middle Eastern clients who want Vastu, as part of the consideration with the signing of contracts.

Architects, Contractors, Designers, Landscapers, Home Furnishings Manufacturer or Retailer: Anyone in the home improvement industries who provides services or products to clients and consumers and want to offer a holistic approach to create better living conditions through healthy (green) and higher-vitality (Feng Shui) environments.

Healthcare businesses: Anyone responsible for the design, implementation, maintenance or ambiance of hospitals, medical buildings, alternative medicine centers, massage, yoga or Pilates studios, gyms or spas where they are healing body, mind and spirit.

Educational and learning facilities: Anyone responsible for the design, implementation and daily chores of running a pre-school, grammar/middle school, high school, college/university, tutorial or retreat center for optimal learning experiences.

Entrepreneurial and Commercial businesses: If you are designing, implementing or running the daily operations of a corporation, restaurant or small business where the atmosphere created by the physical environment is important to achieve your desired outcome for the business and success of the individuals working in it.

Do-It-Yourselfer: If you need an expert’s eye to give you a different perspective or permission to move forward with your ideas.

Who is most likely to succeed using our approach to create high-vitality and harmonious environments?

My clients and customers share many of the following qualities. If these characteristics fit you as well, you likely are someone who would work well with me.

Strive for success, balance and peace in your life – through your business or career, work and play, family, friends and building of community.

Open-minded and often work well with individuals from different cultures – You enjoy learning and adopting that which serves the greater good.

Holistic thinker and proactive approach to life – Your “bigger picture” is to be of service – making a contribution or difference in the world.

Positive outlook on life – You express this through your daily activities and it often has a spiritual basis that is reflected in your home and workplace – whether that’s a corporate workplace, small business or  sole-proprietor environment.

We create our own reality in life – Whether it’s the “Law of Attraction”, “The Secret” or “Quantum Physics”, you believe we have the power to change our lives through the power of our thoughts/mind.

Change agents – You love change and love to create environments that are catalysts for change.