Consultations for Your Business

Why do some businesses succeed and others fail?  Can the qualities needed be dissected to improve, and possibly repeat, the success time and again?  What would the parameters be to increase the success rate of a corporation or business?

The success of a business covers many aspects in order to obtain the optimal point of productivity, prosperity, prestige, and power in its industry.  The vision of the Founders, Board of Directors, and Key Person all influence that success, and yet, even with some of the most brilliant minds in their fields, this vision of success is not achieved.

Why is this so? What can be done to make a difference? Are there Universal principles which, when applied, can optimize the success of these individuals, the team, and ultimately the company to prosper and grow in a healthy and energetic way?

According to Dr. Jes T.Y. Lim, the Founder and Director of the Qi-Mag International Institute of Feng Shui and Geobiology ­ the world’s largest college of Feng Shui ­ the answers to these questions can be found in the wisdom of Feng Shui.  In a letter to CEO’s and Senior Executives of Silicon Valley businesses Dr. Lim categorically states that for more than 80 percent of the underperforming and unprofitable companies, the most significant and primary cause was Feng Shui related problems.

Using her extensive knowledge of Feng Shui for corporations, small & large businesses, retail establishments, healthcare facilities, and non-profits, Linda has:

  • Helped companies turn their businesses around
  • Grown start-ups into major players in their industry
  • Rejected incorrect sites and found appropriate locations
  • Redesigned buildings for long-term growth
  • Designed and planned space for build-outs of raw buildings
  • Changed the “energy” of locations with “bad vibes”
  • Improved the “feel” and healing qualities of medical facilities
  • Found appropriate solutions for cultural challenges
  • Created guidelines for franchises to insure franchisee success
  • Given companies a competitive edge
  • Helped both companies and individuals reach their highest potential

In the height of the Dotcom boom it was not uncommon for Linda to be doing two or three consultations a day, obviously depending on the size of the building or corporation. This experience gave her a tremendous variety of examples to develop winning strategies for businesses.

The shear number of consults coupled with her extensive training in all the schools of Feng Shui over the past 25 years and through the training of over 20 different Masters throughout the world has given Linda a depth and breath of experience unmatched in the Feng Shui industry.  Her formal education in the math, science, and computer fields along with her work in corporate America affords her great insight into the business of “doing business.”  Linda’s ideas and recommendations come from a place of physical and financial practicality as well as esthetic beauty.  Her clients are amazed at Linda’s capacity for finding insightful solutions to challenging situations.

Substantial benefits due to Feng Shui related improvements:

  • Higher revenues
  • Lower employee turnover
  • Reduction of work-related injuries and illnesses
  • Higher Employee morale
  • Less stress
  • Better employee-management relations
  • Improved creativity and communications
  • Overall greater efficiency and productivity in the workplace


For optimum effective office design, we will begin with:

  1. The Mission statement of the company.
  2. Strategic planning ­ where and how the company wants to go in five or ten years.
  3. Design of the office layout and furniture, especially working table design.  Then create the environment and layout best suited to facilitate and enhance the company’s future strategic thinking and goals.  The new working environment then provides the suitable environment and acts as a catalyst for a continuous action and motivation.

Here are a few of the KEY ISSUES in the design of an office necessary for the success of forward thinking businesses.  They include, but are not limited to:

  1. An employee feels proud and safe in his/her work place (with minimal effect caused by electrosmog and EMF).
  2. Good ambience for their personal feelings and work-style ­ feel happy just sitting in your seat.
  3. Open space and open landscape work-plan layout supports easier eye contact and verbal communications.
  4. Each work station has space for computer and other tools needed to perform work-related tasks plus a good open space to view ­ what is known as the “Ming Tang,” an open space to facilitate and open the mind for “seeing” opportunity and enhance creativity and innovation.
  5. Facilitate teamwork in created working space environments also known as tea-clusters.  This would include break areas, rest areas, and everywhere employees are encouraged to mingle and talk in order to develop friends and a sense of team members.
  6. Create environments for team spirit and caring for team members to instill confidence and feel safe as a team member.  In total ­ a big family “tribe” feeling where everyone is working together to achieve economic objectives, self-growth, and ultimately a protected retirement.

Some of the analyzed areas during the consultation and evaluation of a business are:

  • Neighborhood and general location of the building
  • Landscaping surrounding the building ­ A few of the qualities evaluated are Landscape/Form School Feng Shui including Celestial Animals Formation, fountain & Water Dragon, land shape, Ming Tang, and Chi flow
  • Floor plan flow and optimal positive energy
  • Optimal placement of appropriate function within building placement
  • A room-by-room evaluation including shape, size, ceiling heights, furniture placement (addition, removal, or rearrangement), color, lighting (natural and artificial), power points and positions, and climatic conditions
  • Proper orientation of doorways, restrooms, conference rooms, CEO and other Executive offices, R&D, accounting, and other functions vital to the success of a business
  • Power directions and proper elemental materials used for desks and other objects located in offices for the CEO, Key Person, and employees for optimal performance in their role of the company
  • Check and measurement for electromagnetic fields, microwave, radio, television radiation and other electro smog and evaluate countermeasures for effectiveness
  • Check for earth and land energies including geopathic fields and zones, stress fields and stress factors, presence of light and sunlight, energy of land, and harmony of the occupants with the land.

Knowledge of Feng Shui can turn your company around, or give you the competitive edge you need not only to survive in today’s difficult business environment, but also to reach your highest potential for business success.