Five Feng Shui Tips for the Baby’s Nursery

January 30, 2012

    Recently I gave a presentation on Feng Shui Tips for the Baby’s Nursery. Many suggestions to create good Feng Shui chi are common sense. Sometimes we need to have someone tell us what we are doing, or plan to do, is correct; we don’t trust our common sense. With so many women becoming […]

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Tips to Greet the Year of the Dragon

January 18, 2012

    Depending on where you live, the year of the Dragon will arrive either January 22 or 23, 2012, depending on where  you live. The New Year starts at the time of the New Moon. Dragon years are filled with wonderful, magical and powerful energy. They start new businesses, get married and bring in […]

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Using Tropical Forest Woods for Your Green Remodel and Eco Housing Projects

January 11, 2012

    I love to blend Feng Shui design along with a green remodel and eco housing project since they energetically compliment each other. As part of a project, whether it is a Feng Shui decorating project or an environmental architecture project, learning about and incorporating eco-friendly products is essential to create the best energy. […]

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Dos and Taboos for Feng Shui Fertility

January 8, 2012

    A few days ago I promised I would give you some more Feng Shui tips for Feng Shui fertility. Since every Feng Shui study and school has its own guidelines, I’ll give you a list rather than explain about each one. Some may make sense while others have no rational basis. I can […]

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Building a Business the Feng Shui Design Way: Celebrating an Expanding Yoga Business

January 7, 2012

    Building a business is no easy feat under the best of conditions and using Feng Shui design, Feng Shui info and Feng Shui orientation are tools used to improve the odds of creating a successful business. Such is the case with my longtime client, Michele Vennard, who has become my friend and a […]

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Feng Shui Fertility

January 4, 2012

    If you are wanting to have a baby there is still time to take advantage of the Year of the Rabbit energies and Feng Shui Fertility. As I noted in my CD, Year of the Rabbit: Hop Quickly for Abundance and Joy, this is a year that supports fertility from several aspects of […]

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