Color and Design Trends Bring Hope, Health and Hospitality Home

May 29, 2012

    Every year we see new colors emerge in design trends and this year they bring hope, health and hospitality home to alleviate the unsettled and depressed feeling this economic fiasco has had on our human psyche. Due to our global existence, we are being drawn to universal colors of happiness and awareness. Some […]

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Following the Flow of Feng Shui During the Year of the Dragon

April 19, 2012

    Following the energy of Feng Shui flow during the Year of the Rabbit (2011), I talked about de-cluttering and preparing for the abundance of opportunities arriving during the Year of the Dragon (2012). True to form, the Year of the Dragon has brought immense opportunities for those of us who used the knowledge […]

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Feng Shui for Vision and Clarity

February 25, 2012

    Earlier today I was doing some work on the window in my office when I realized this was the perfect opportunity to set into motion some of the goals I have for this Year of the Dragon – more precisely, to use the powers of Feng Shui to enhance clarity of vision. In […]

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The Feng Shui of Villa Belvedere – Marin Designers Showcase 2012

February 24, 2012

    Integrating beautiful design with Feng Shui principles can be challenging and Villa Belvedere – the 41st Annual Marin Designers Showcase home – is an exquisite example showing how most interior designers’ intuitive sense includes the principles of Feng Shui. Feng Shui training varies since there are several schools of Feng Shui study, yet […]

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Speaking of Feng Shui

February 20, 2012

    Over the last few days I have had the opportunity to speak on a variety of aspects of Feng Shui for speakers and the energy of our environments. There are so many possibilities to increase the energy where we live, work, speak and nurture our dreams, creating the ideal combination for our lives […]

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Feng Shui for Speakers – Your Office

February 19, 2012

    The last couple of days I have been attending Caterina Rando’s Sought After Speakers Summit both as an attendee and presenter with my topic being “Feng Shui for the Speaker.” I thought I share some of the tips from that presentation, the first being some information on your office. Before I do, if […]

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