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Do Green Chi Designs Systems Really Work?

There are a lot of approaches to design, Feng Shui and Sustainable building practices. The question is, does the Green Chi Designs approach to creating better environments to achieve your life’s desires really work? These are the situations and stories our clients have shared with us. We work on a very personal and intimate level with our clients. Oftentimes the stories and life conditions they are sharing have never been vocalized to another individual before – not even their spouse. Sometimes they are experiencing such demoralizing circumstances it would be hard for them to “save-face” if others knew of their state of affairs. To that end, we respect the privacy our client requests of us. As such, we are sharing the stories with whatever form of identification they have allowed us to use.

Case Study #1

The Client: Michele K. – San Jose, CA.
The Issue:
Husband’s career & child’s life-threatening health problem
The Process: A few days after attending one of my classes, Michele contacted me. She shared that her husband, although very bright and trustworthy, was not moving forward with his investment and stock brokerage business as they had hoped. Also, they had a 4-year-old daughter who had a serious heart ailment and was scheduled for surgery as soon as she was old enough for the procedure to be performed (about 6-8 months) – if she survived that long. I went to their home making several suggestions – all of which were easily accomplished, low in cost and actually fun.

The Outcome: One of the suggestions was to paint the daughter’s bedroom two different colors. This was based on studies and training I received back in the early 80’s through a very famous interior designer who worked with children of various abilities. He had discovered certain colors aided in the healing process. Six months later when the daughter went in for the pre-surgical checkup, the medical team found the problem had “miraculously” healed itself.
As for the career issues with her husband, I found there were several areas of the house that needed a few changes. There was one area where a water feature appeared to be the best solution. They had been thinking about getting an aquarium and decided to place it in that location. A few days after installing it, two clients who both had over a million dollars in assets and were considering investing reconnected with him. But they didn’t move forward with him. Almost 2 months later, Michele finally purchased a product I had suggested and placed it appropriately. An hour later her husband called asking her, “Did you just do one of the things Linda recommended?” When she replied “yes”, his comment was, “Well don’t ever move it! In the last hour, I just had both clients call, sign and send over the papers to have their assets handled by me!”
When they were moving to the East Coast, they sent me house plans and pictures of the houses they were considering to make sure their lives continued to work well for them and that their children would remain healthy. They found a wonderful home and were able to purchase it easily with my guidance. They still live happily in the house and all members are doing well.

Case Study #2

The Client: Susan Schwartz, San Mateo, Ca.
It was 98 degrees and counting when Feng Shui Master Linda Lenore came to clear my home at the time of the mid-summer’s new moon.
“This is the time to do it,” she said.

I had been complaining about all the places I was stuck in my life and was anxious to get moving. But the middle of the biggest heat wave that ever struck the Bay Area would not have qualified for what I called right timing.

Linda brought in the tools of her trade. Bags of items. Stones and salts. Crystals and cymbals. Each with its own particular purpose. She gingerly moved about my house and garden, carefully considering each corner, choosing the right item for the space.

Meanwhile, it was all I could do to keep my head up sitting on the sofa. Without benefit of air conditioning, my house felt like a sauna – turned on high.

Linda was un-phased, focused and determined. She measured, metered and monitored energies. More clearing needed here. Whisk the energy out there. Around the house. Out in the yard.

“While you’re at it, how about getting my neighbors moved out, too?” I joked. I had never known unpleasant neighbors before these people had moved in three years ago. Linda laughed. “We’ll see what we can do.”

It was after five when Linda finished. She had come at one. She had spent an entire afternoon in sweltering heat to clear my house.

And what difference did it make?

I’m very energetically sensitive, and I have to say the differences seemed quite subtle. The first thing I noticed was that the neighbor’s dog was no longer barking incessantly in the yard. Things were quieter. I felt less edgy. More at peace.

Ten days later, I was leaving town to go to my cousin’s wedding. It was the beginning of the month, and I had no business on the books, which naturally made me nervous. I put a note underneath the fountain in the kitchen – my wealth corner. My August is fully booked. While I was on vacation, I got three calls from people asking to meet when I got back. Hmmm. Things were moving, shifting. Picking up.

What greeted me when I got home, however, was something I never would have believed. As I pulled up into my driveway, the first thing I saw was a large FOR SALE sign sitting on my nasty neighbors’ lawn. They were moving!

Financially, the month went much better than it promised at the outset. But on the last day, I was far from my goal. Until the phone rang that morning. From a past client. With a new project. And a significant check. That she handed me on the spot. I didn’t hit my goal with that check. I surpassed it.

Do I attribute my new found relaxed attitude, financial flow and release from nasty neighbors a result of Linda’s work? You bet I do.

Can Linda’s clearing the space in your home or office make a difference? From my experience, I would make that an unqualified YES. How does it work? Why does it work? Does it make sense that it works? Linda can explain those things to you, if you’d like to know.

All I know is, if you’re feeling like there’s a place you’d like greater freedom and flow in your life, there’s someone who can help you achieve it. Her name is Linda Lenore. She’s a Feng Shui Master. And man, is she good!

Case Study #3

The clients: Ron B., California
The problem: He had tried to sell two properties during good economic times without receiving any viable offers. One was a house in Australia, the other in New Mexico. There were several other properties involved with the deal in a 1031 exchange.
The process: I had Ron send me pictures of the homes, site maps and aerial maps of each property. I asked him many questions and had him tell me all he could about the properties.
This is what Ron wrote:
“We want to personally thank Linda Lenore for the wonderful opportunity to experience Feng Shui in action. Linda did an outstanding job of making the timely sale of our out of state property such a huge success. We were involved in a complicated real estate transaction and time was of the essence. She provided exactly what we needed and when we needed it. It was a unique experience. Wow, super, great, outstanding are just a few of the words for Linda’s services! We would enjoy the opportunity to work with Linda again.”
And they have called to work with me on at least 4 other properties since that time.

Case Study #4

Linda Lenore created Borz Realty office from an empty shell to a building full of positive Energy, which attracts people and money, makes everybody feel better inside and maintains positive attitude.

Immediately after we opened our new facility we got a tremendous offer for $2 million. What can I say: “Let Magic rule the BALL!”
I can’t imagine that such a miracle would have happened without the gracious supervision of Linda Lenore with her involvement and attention to each and every detail from generous floor plans to choosing colors and materials, the placement of powerful objects, including design objects, and creating the whole circle of balance and harmony.
I invite everybody to come to Borz Realty to prove that magic exists and the greatest magician is LINDA Lenore.
If you are a Realtor – your carrier starts rocketing in Borz Realty. If you are selling or buying a house – you will have a happy home and smooth transaction with great profit while enjoying the whole process.
The Key word is “Linda Lenore”
– Irene Borz, Real Estate Broker/Owner & Russian Immigrant, BorzRealty, Cupertino, CA.

Case Study #5

My name is Lorraine and my mother hired you to come to her home for a consultation. I had referred her to you after taking a couple of your classes in Fremont. Her name is Dorothea L. and lives in Sunnyvale. You came to her home a couple weeks ago and whatever you did made her feel much better. As you know, she was to go to surgery to remove a portion of her lung. Well, she went into surgery last week, and did well. She spent 7 days at the hospital and now is home recuperating. Of course, she is in a lot of pain (considering the big incision made in her back plus the rib that the doctors had to crack), but she is managing and on the road to recovery.
My mother has felt that what you did to her home has helped her tremendously and aided in her successful surgery. She has had other Feng Shui masters come by the home, but none have been as thorough and caring as you have been. I even saw the change in her turn from very anxious to a calmer manner in her approach to her surgery immediately the days following your visit.
My mom and I want to thank you so much for your time and knowledge you gave to her to help her attain more positive energy. We truly believe that it helped her in her situation. I will continue to help her clear out her boxes and make sure that her home gets clear of clutter, and then perhaps work on my own home!!! We will hope and pray that we have seen the last of this “tumor” inside of her.

Thanks again,

– Lorraine C. & Dorothea L., Sunnyvale, CA.

Testimonials –
Linda came to teach our design class a brief overview on Feng Shui and how it
applies to interior design. I had been having difficulty getting pregnant, and
I stayed after class to ask her a few questions about Feng Shui and how it could
help in my efforts at conception. Linda not only answered my questions but
asked me a few pointed questions about my home, and myself. Then she gave me
some simple suggestions that could help. Two months later I had conceived! I
was so excited and I want to thank Linda for her time and suggestions that
really were not difficult to make happen in my home.

– Julia Root, Interior Designer and now Mother

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