Balance, Order & Beauty: Feng Shui for the Woman’s Soul – June events

by Linda Lenore on May 31, 2012



Creating environments that support all aspects of our lives is one of the key ingredients to having the life you want and deserve. Until a person truly understands how much our home and work environments impact our lives, changing what is happening in our lives toward our desired outcomes is difficult.

Winston Churchill once said, “First we shape our dwellings, then our dwellings shape our lives.”

Reflect on this for a moment.

We all know clutter makes it hard for us to find things. When we organize a space, we are able to locate items quickly and feel good about the fact we have organized and found it.

Balance, Order & Beauty: Feng Shui for the Woman's Soul - A nurturing bedroom with ocean view

Balance, Order & Beauty: Feng Shui for the Woman's Soul - A nurturing bedroom with ocean view

Now think about something in your home that upsets you or brings your energy down. It might be a torn curtain, an uncomfortable chair or picture that is dark and gloomy. Every time you walk by it – even if you don’t consciously see it – the vibration of it is resonating at a level that is low, pulling your energy down. It isn’t in alignment with who you are or want to be.

I have scheduled two dates to hold an all-day event called Balance, Order & Beauty: Feng Shui for the Woman’s Soul. At this event you will be inspired to re-create your environments. You’ll fall in love with your home and your life and leave with a plan to improve both.

You won’t need to redecorate or remodel unless you have the money and desire to do so. There are many simple, no-cost or low-cost techniques to stimulate you and the energy of your home.

Are you stuck in your career?

Do you want financial serenity? 

Is your family sick? 

Do you wish your relationships were better? 

Would being more productive or creative make you happy?

By attending this event, you’ll experience a day of nurturing your soul while discovering how to harness the power in your home.

Date: June 22, 2012   or   June 23, 2012

Time: 9 am to 5 pm

Where: South San Francisco area

Contact: Linda Lenore @ 650-368-5532

Cost: $397

Through education, support and strategy, you’ll be energized and inspired to design a home environment that stimulates success and soothes your soul.

Create the “Life of Your Dreams” by making changes to your environment. Join me for a day of wisdom, empowerment and enthusiasm for life as you learn how to create, love and bless your home.

To register, contact me at –


Phone: 650-368-5532

I look forward to sharing a special day with you.


Linda Lenore


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