Following the Flow of Feng Shui During the Year of the Dragon

by Linda Lenore on April 19, 2012



Following the energy of Feng Shui flow during the Year of the Rabbit (2011), I talked about de-cluttering and preparing for the abundance of opportunities arriving during the Year of the Dragon (2012). True to form, the Year of the Dragon has brought immense opportunities for those of us who used the knowledge and implemented steps to support these growth possibilities.

With growth comes challenges. For me, I’ve found I don’t have as much time to write even though I love sharing knowledge via the written word. I also love the spoken word, which is where much of my time is now heading.

Keeping my posts shorter will be my goal – partly due to time as well as the input shared by some of you that you’d like information in shorter formats. Using the Feng Shui chi, I’ll flow with these situations.

In March I did my first “solo” teleseminar. It was all about the Year of the Dragon energy and how best to integrate it into your life for prosperity, health and good fortune. Everyone who has shared their experience from listening to it has said it is fabulous. If you are interested in the MP3, go to: for more details.

A carryover from the Year of the Rabbit is to continue removing clutter. I have gotten ruthless in this regard. I am so tired looking for and organizing stuff, I’m clearing it out once and for all! This is so empowering. I really encourage you to do the same. Every time – I literally mean EVERY TIME – I get rid of something, the Universe gives me something new and wonderful. It’s been new people, new positions, new prosperity opportunities and new possibilities through ideas.

For years I have thought about putting on my own events. I’ve got four dates already prepared. More on those later.

For now I want to share the importance of continuing the removal of clutter. More pointedly, you might want to join me for a FREE phone call on Tuesday, April 24 at 4:30 p.m. PDT. My friend Kathleen Ronald is hosting a call with those of us who are part of her Clutter Bootcamp.

For more information on this, please go to: I’ll be on the call to share, as well as learn, with some of the other participants in this year-long program to do some serious “clutter-busting” guaranteed to stimulate your own economic recovery.

Feng Shui is all about the energy flow. When you can’t find things or when you are frustrated from looking at piles of “stuff” it is going to have a major impact on the Feng Shui chi. It basically stops. It’s well known through the Feng Shui savvy community that if you remove your stuff, you can change your life – for the better!

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