Feng Shui for Vision and Clarity

by Linda Lenore on February 25, 2012



Earlier today I was doing some work on the window in my office when I realized this was the perfect opportunity to set into motion some of the goals I have for this Year of the Dragon - more precisely, to use the powers of Feng Shui to enhance clarity of vision. In Feng Shui symbols windows are the eyes of the human.

I was fixing a blind when I was looking at the glass panes of the windows and realized they were really foggy from soot outside and cat nose prints inside. Yes, my cat sleeps in the bay window often bumping noses with the pane when she chatters at the hummingbird sitting on his feeder.

I had been having trouble with the blind for several months so had put a curtain up for privacy. Today I had the new blind in hand to install. Before installing it, the windows needed to be cleaned even though "Spring Cleaning" is still several weeks or months away.

As I started to wash the windows, I spied my vision board. I said to myself, "Ah! Let's clean the window with an intention to wipe away the old visions, thoughts and feelings of the past. Let me see clearly the path to the future of my dreams."

It took a little over an hour to clean the windows inside and out plus install the blind. I couldn't believe how dirty they had gotten. They sparkled brilliantly, just as I hope my visions for the future sparkle with clarity this coming year.

Household cleaning can be a fabulous way to clear old energies from our past. Using Feng Shui principles and symbolism, there are many everyday tasks we can use to reinforce our desires in life. Cleaning windows is just one of them.

If you have something you want to achieve or some area of your life you which to change, the power of Feng Shui is a tool you can use to change your life. If you'll share with me some of your dreams, I'll share ideas to help you through the writing of my blog posts.

If you have a personal challenge, I'm also available to come to your home or office to do personal consultations. Remember, whether it's money, career, relationships, health, creativity or any number of other issues with life, Feng Shui is a tool. As my chapter title states in the Power to Change book "Change Your Environment, Change Your Life" using Feng Shui trainings and Feng Shui symbols.

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