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by Linda Lenore on February 19, 2012



The last couple of days I have been attending Caterina Rando's Sought After Speakers Summit both as an attendee and presenter with my topic being "Feng Shui for the Speaker." I thought I share some of the tips from that presentation, the first being some information on your office.

Before I do, if you have ever wanted to be a "sought-after" speaker, you must attend one of her future events. Even though I have been speaking professionally for over 20 years, I have learn so much from her. Things that never clicked before are falling it to place. More on this in future post.

Your Office: Don’t underestimate the power of your physical environment when preparing a speech or negotiating an engagement. Each individual has colors, elements, directions and animals that can undermine or support your efforts. When arranging your office, choose a position of power when sitting at your desk. A “room with a view” will allow creativity to flow more easily. If the topic is more technical, a wall with charts displayed might be a better choice. Mirrors in the office reflect to us what we see. Is the space cluttered or organized? Is it well lit? Are there windows to give you an expansive feel and connect you with nature? Are you overwhelmed by bookcases and items stored on top of them?

Discovering your personal animals, directions and elements allows you to surround yourself with the feeling of power and protection. Simply changing the area rug in your office can give you more confidence. If your desk can’t be placed in an ideal direction for you to benefit from the natural forces supportive to you, displaying a picture on the wall or placing a figurine on your desk energetically changes the vibration. Just viewing it will bring a smile and remembrance of your personal power.

Be sure to have your “wall of fame” visible to you. You’ve worked hard to get this far. Acknowledge the journey. Include awards, certifications and the people who have been part of the journey.

In order to discover what colors, elements and directions are best for you, you will need to have a Personalized Trigram chart created. If you are interested in this, please contact me at: Linda@GreenChiDesigns.com.

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