Tips to Greet the Year of the Dragon

by Linda Lenore on January 18, 2012



Depending on where you live, the year of the Dragon will arrive either January 22 or 23, 2012, depending on where  you live. The New Year starts at the time of the New Moon.

Dragon years are filled with wonderful, magical and powerful energy. They start new businesses, get married and bring in new babies conceived during the year of the Rabbit.

To help you gain maximum benefit of the year's energy, here are a few tips to do BEFORE  the year starts:

  • Release anything that doesn't serve you - items, clutter, and possibly even people who drag you down.
  • Clean out the refrigerator and remove all leftovers.
  • Remove all staples - rice, flour, sugar and salt. Bring in new ones.
  • Clean the house - again BEFORE the year starts.
  • Prepare foods ahead of time to enjoy on New Years Day so you aren't working in the kitchen on the day.

The reason for the last one is that it is said that whatever you do on New Year's Day you will do more of all year long. If you like to work in the kitchen, then maybe that is something you want to do. If not, take heed.

Other things you might want to do all year long might be to take a walk, read a good book, dine out or travel. If those are things of interest too you, figure a way to include it in your activities for the start of the Chinese New Year.

Here's to a great year for all!

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