Five Feng Shui Tips for the Baby’s Nursery

by Linda Lenore on January 30, 2012



Recently I gave a presentation on Feng Shui Tips for the Baby’s Nursery. Many suggestions to create good Feng Shui chi are common sense. Sometimes we need to have someone tell us what we are doing, or plan to do, is correct; we don’t trust our common sense.Feng Shui Tips

With so many women becoming pregnant during the Year of the Rabbit, I thought this to be an opportune time to re-enforce what we most probably already know intuitively. Here are five Feng Shui tips for the baby’s nursery that might be helpful.

The First Of Our First Feng Shui Tips For the Baby’s Nursery is…

  1. When deciding on the best room for your baby, if possible, choose a room toward the back of the house or apartment – away from traffic and noise.
  2. Usually mother’s feel most comfortable when the baby is close to them. Often when the baby is first brought home the baby will sleep in the bed with the mother or in a bassinet next to the bed. Choosing a room close to the parent’s room is optimal, giving both mother and baby the geographic closeness they desire.
  3. Place the crib diagonal from the door to the room. Feng Shui likes to have distance between the person’s bed and the door – any person.
  4. Don’t place the baby’s crib or bed under or next to a window.
  5. Don’t store items under the crib unless absolutely necessary. If that is the case, please try to have at least 12″ between the bottom of the mattress and the top of the storage.

These are just a few of the many Feng Shui tips for the Baby’s Nursery┬áI gave in my recent presentation.

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