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by Linda Lenore on January 4, 2012



If you are wanting to have a baby there is still time to take advantage of the Year of the Rabbit energies and Feng Shui Fertility. As I noted in my CD, Year of the Rabbit: Hop Quickly for Abundance and Joy, this is a year that supports fertility from several aspects of Feng Shui. There are still several weeks left for this energy to have an affect, so HOP QUICKLY and order your CD from me if you haven't already.

I have several dozen clients who have conceived this year and of course they are delighted. On January 28, 2012, I'm even giving a presentation in Palo Alto about Feng Shui in the Nursery to support them even more. (You can find out more through DayOne in Palo Alto.)

For those of you wanting to have that baby born under the auspicious sign of the Year of the Dragon, here are a few additional suggestions that might help.

Some houses that appear to be lovely houses are what we call "locked" houses. During certain times of the year, or even for a series of years, the house is "locked" unable to be open to more people. It can be fine for two people, but getting anymore into the home is impossible. (This can also be a cause for single women not being able to find romance in their lives.)

The Feng Shui remedy to having a Feng Shui baby is to see and hear clean, circulating water. The oppressive energy of this "imprisoned" house is released through the sight and sound of water as it bubbles throughout the house. If you have any trouble locating a lovely Feng Shui water fountain, contact my friends Freddy and John at the Los Gatos Birdwatcher in Los Gatos, CA. They have a wonderful array of styles that have proven to be quality products they have carried as long a they have been in business, which is since 1996.

This is a fabulous time to conceive a baby during the final weeks of the Year of the Rabbit. This also will produce one of the most sought after birth years for your baby in the Chinese Zodiac - the Year of the Dragon - since the child is known as a "child of luck."

Not only is a Feng Shui water fountain beneficial for childbearing, it is a marvelous solution for enhancing Feng Shui wealth. Placing it in the wealth corner - according to the Ba-Gua - of the home, the bedroom or the office provides for the flow and circulation of money in your life.

If the Feng Shui fountain is placed outside, please make sure the direction of the "flow" is towards the house, not away from it. We don't want money leaving you, we want money to flow toward you.

To find out more about Feng Shui fertility, I'll continue in my next post. For more on the Ba-Gua, please view posts from December 27 and December 28, 2011. Although used in relation to vision boards, the Ba-Gua information applies to all areas of our lives.

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