Dos and Taboos for Feng Shui Fertility

by Linda Lenore on January 8, 2012



A few days ago I promised I would give you some more Feng Shui tips for Feng Shui fertility. Since every Feng Shui study and school has its own guidelines, I'll give you a list rather than explain about each one. Some may make sense while others have no rational basis. I can tell you they all have been tried with varying degrees of success. So trust your heart to guide you to the ones best for you.


  • Don't sleep with your mattress directly on the floor.
  • Don't have knives or other sharp objects visible in the kitchen.
  • Don't sleep near EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) that are often created by electrical appliances including older radios, televisions and computers.
  • Don't place anything under your bed.
  • Don't have plastic containers in or near your bedroom.


  • Raise the mattress up from the floor.
  • See an acupuncturist who specializes in, and has a decent success rate with, fertility issues.
  • Visualize and plan a place for the nursery.
  • Find a guardian angel for your new baby.
  • Display a Quan Yin or other compassionate female icon to watch over you in your bedroom.

Since there are still a few weeks left during this Year of the Rabbit - a year filled with the possibilities of babies - I wanted to keep the list short and sweet. I've done this in hopes you'll "hop quickly" and get some of these done in order to take advantage of the "bundle of joy" energy we have at this time.

Please contact me if you have any questions about these suggestions or if you need me to do an evaluation of your home to prepare for this wonderful addition and event in your life. You can reach me at: or 650-368-5532.

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