Building a Business the Feng Shui Design Way: Celebrating an Expanding Yoga Business

by Linda Lenore on January 7, 2012



Building a business is no easy feat under the best of conditions and using Feng Shui design, Feng Shui info and Feng Shui orientation are tools used to improve the odds of creating a successful business. Such is the case with my longtime client, Michele Vennard, who has become my friend and a mentor to many through her Bikram Yoga San Jose studio.

About 10 years ago Michele was referred to me through Freddy Howell owner of the Wild Bird Center of Los Gatos. A few years ago Freddy and her husband John stayed true to their values, deciding to leave the franchise company, thus becoming the Los Gatos Birdwatcher. I share this with you for a couple of reasons - vision, values, relationships and community - all are integral components in building a business the Feng Shui design way.

I met Freddy at a presentation I did to the Association of Sales Executives in San Jose about 6 months after she opened her store. Energetically, we connected immediately. She said, "I need you and I need you to come to my store immediately." So I did.

We rearranged things according to my Feng Shui training and set intentions for the vision Freddy had for the store. This is one of the Feng Shui tips for success. Within a year the Los Gatos store was Number 1 in the nation of about 60 franchise stores. They remained in that Number 1 position over 12 years.

Freddy attributes this success to the Feng Shui info I share with her and the Energetic Space Clearings I do at the storeĀ on a regular basis. I attribute it to Freddy's "knowing" what's right - for her store, her customers and for staying true to her values and ethics. She builds strong relationships based on these qualities.

When Michele mentioned to Freddy about 10 years ago she wanted to create a yoga community, Freddy suggested Michele contacted me. I remember walking through the empty, stone-cold and horrible energy location she was considering.

"Will it work? Can we change the energy?
What are some Feng Shui tips for business success?" These were a few of the questions Michele asked. I told her we could do it, so she signed the lease and off we started on this journey together.

Just like Freddy, Michele had a vision; a vision she shared with me; a vision we held together to set the intention for a yoga community.

And the community grew. It grew so much that more and more classes were needed to accommodate the number of people wanting to attend them. The physical space was constricting the ability to grow the community.

About three years ago Michele contacted me to look at the spaces surrounding the current studio location. Without going into all the details, let's just say - again - the energies were quite challenging. Again, I told her we could do it.

Holding true to her vision and values, she moved forward with the property management company to figure a way to expand. Architects, designers, contractors, the yoga community, Michele and myself, Linda Lenore, all gave input to create a nearly 7,000 square foot "haven" for the yoga community.

On Thursday evening, January 5, 2012, a little after 6 p.m. the official ribbon cutting occurred after a few words from Michele, an invocation/blessing given by me and a congratulatory speech by Judy Silva from the Silicon Vally Chamber of Commerce. Then a toast of sparkling cider was raised to bless and thank this yoga community - a community supporting body, mind and spirit.

Building a business is hard work. It often consumes the lives of many during its growth. The economic climate we have experienced the last few years would have turned many business intellectuals away since the numbers might not be there to support the starting, building and expansion of businesses.

This is not the case with either Freddy or Michele. In fact, both businesses are doing exceptionally well. Why you might ask? How could this be true when economist have been predicting dome and gloom?

I know intellectually and in my heart the reason these and several other businesses are not just surviving, but thriving, is due to the vision, values and desire to build community. These ladies have held dreams in their hearts. Both have followed their dreams. Both have stayed true to their values and vision. Both have developed strong relationships with their employees, customers and fellow businesses. Both have created community - one a bird and nature community, the other a yoga and spiritual community.

They set the stage for success through intentions for their dreams and the energy work provided by Feng Shui wisdom. The Feng Shui design of the buildings, the Feng Shui energy created through Feng Shui orientation and knowledge gleaned through Feng Shui trainings from around the world support the success of small businesses, not just in Asia, but everywhere including Silicon Valley.

If you'd like more information about Feng Shui, Feng Shui chi, Feng Shui tips for home, Feng Shui tips for office or Feng Shui tips for wealth and success, please be sure to read other posts on my blog or contact me for personal help.

When one small business succeeds, we all succeed. Small local businesses build community and support their communities. That's part of the principles from Feng Shui as well as Green Building practices.

So let's raise a glass for a toast for this New Year. Here's to celebrating your expanding vision while staying true to your values!

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