Using Feng Shui to Create Your Desired Vision of the Future

by Linda Lenore on December 26, 2011



Part of the process to create a life you desire is to have a clear vision of that life by creating a "Vision Board," then expand what has emerged on the board by setting your intentions around your home. This is an excellent time of year to do this process - the start of a New Year. That is why I am participating in a "Magnify Your Vision" workshop being offered by my friend Judy Pebbles, The Journaling Jenius.

The workshop I'm taking is a 2-day event in which I am given the opportunity to write down answers to questions Judy gives participants in my journal, which Judy also provides as part of the workshop. Having gone through this process last year shortly after Christmas and having had wonderful success with it, I'm back for more.

Last year the images popping out to me as I went through magazines didn't mean much at first. Following the instruction, I tore them out just the same. As I continued with the process of placing them on the photo board, the material for a book appeared. This is a book I've talked said I wanted to write for about 20 years.

Sure enough, mid-summer I started writing the book. It has a ways to go, but it is started with a clear vision.

After creating the vision board last year, I placed it in a prominent place in my office where I can view it daily. In fact, I can see it now. I placed it in the area of career and travel - areas of the Ba-Gua from the 3-door Feng Shui trainings - since both are part of the vision board images.

What started me writing this book were a series of events, none of which I had planned or known about prior to them happening. What was particularly delightful was the "coincidences" of events that continued to happen throughout the time I was focused on writing. I would meet someone from the area about which I was writing. Or someone would be talking about something that, in turn, reminded me of segments of the trip I had forgotten, but were especially poignant. This is what happens when you do a vision board.

You are connecting with the Universe on an energetic level, sharing what is calling to your heart and soul. The Universe responds. You can support the process through the use of the Feng Shui Ba-Gua by placing your vision board in an area appropriate for your desired vision.

For instance, if you are wanting a promotion or to change your job, place it in the "Career" area of your home or office. If marriage or loving relationship is desired, we'd place the vision board in the "Partnership" area. If money is a concern, there is the "Wealth" area and if health or weight issues are calling, we'd place it in the "health" area.

In the next day or two I'll write a post about Feng Shui and the Ba-Gua to help you understand the possibilities through using the Ba-Gua to support your vision of the future. There are nine areas of life represented, so I'm sure you'll find one appropriate for placement of your vision board.

In the meantime, do some journaling. Look through magazines - tearing out pictures and words that speak to your heart - so you can usher in a New Year filled with magnificent visions of your desired future for 2012.

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