Real Estate Specialist Advises Neutral Colors with a Splash of Accent?

by Linda Lenore on December 4, 2011




I recently read an article by a real estate specialist on the appropriate way to use color both inside and out for a home depending on whether you are an owner preparing the house for sale or a new homeowner personalizing your new place. Since I have been painting the outside of my house today, I thought it was very appropriate to share my perspective and experience.

It is a guideline for those individuals who are selling their house to paint the walls neutral colors - usually a white or off white - and remove any "loud" or bold colors. The reasoning behind this is that most people are very visually influenced. What they see makes a big impact on them without them even knowing it. That's why most teaching is done using visual aids.

Also, many people don't have the ability to be aware of this influence, so if you house has blue paint anyplace and they don't like blue, that might be enough for them to turn away from making an offer. Now actually blue is probably one of the few colors most people like, so that probably wouldn't be the case. If I had used the color purple, you might have said, "Well, of course, that is obvious. Who would be so crazy as to paint a room purple?"

My point is color sends a very strong message - even white - and not everyone is willing to listen. Depending on the ethnic background of potential buyers, there may be specific meanings or connotations associated with colors.

For instance, the Asian culture associates white with death, so they tend to avoid white houses. Red means good luck for the Chinese, so they like houses with red front doors. But if your target market buyer might be from Ghana, red is the color of mourning.

My point here is that you are not going to be able to please everyone. We need to know who might be attracted to the home as a purchaser. Then make educated decisions on color selection.

When I grew up, the exterior of my home was yellow. When I got married, all the subsequent homes have been anything but yellow. For years I have been attracted to various shades and tints of yellow. During the remodel, I asked my husband what color he wanted.

He loves blue and the house had been painted blue for about a decade. When I mentioned yellow to him as one of my choices, he said, "I'd like that." We both became actively engaged in the process to find just the right color yellow.

Most of the house had been painted about 2 years ago, but there was a section we finished earlier this year that only had the white primer on it. Today as I gave it a coat of Sunset Yellow, a dozen or so neighbors walked by. Everyone one of them commented on how much they loved our yellow house.

I've heard that yellow houses sell faster than any other color. Yellow is the color of hope and joy. Maybe the potential buyers are picking up on this energy as they are walking up to the home. Maybe this is exactly what they are hoping this new house will bring them...

A home filled with the blessings of hope and joy.

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