Merry Christmas Eve – Delighting in the Lights

by Linda Lenore on December 24, 2011



It is almost midnight on Christmas Eve when Santa will soon be arriving at the homes of my many grandchildren. I am so blessed to be physically close to most of them to see the wonder and delight in their eyes during this magical time of year. I was even lucky to be able to take several to see Santa earlier this month so they could ask Santa in person to bring them somethings they would like.

The littlest one we took who is 3-1/2 years old has been so excited. There is dancing light in his eyes as he shares his excitement telling us how he has seen Santa. Tonight he took another piece of paper and wrote all over it telling Santa again what he wanted. Of course, there were just a bunch of squiggly lines, but it certainly meant a lot to him. He put it in the "Letters to Santa" silver container we have and I know Santa will get lit later tonight.

There is light and delight all around us at this time of year. I had several dozen candles lit throughout  the house tonight. We have small white lights around the front porch and eaves. Lots of lights decorate the indoor tree. There's a fire in the fireplace which warms body and soul. My heart feels lighter than it has in a while since I have been concerned about health and financial issues for several of my loved ones - but not tonight.

Tonight is the night of miracles. My faith carries me through these challenging times. I know prayers are answered, so I'll say mine as I have for years - since I was a child.

Believing in answered prayers and miracles is the message of the night. It lightens my heart and sends Light out into the world for Peace.

I think this prayer says it all:

All is well.

And all is well.

And all manner of things are well.

May you delight in the Light of this Christmas Eve. May your prayers be answered, your heart filled with Love and your home filled with Peace.


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