Feng Shui Symbols to Enhance Feng Shui Design

by Linda Lenore on December 11, 2011



Earlier this week one of my clients asked advise on selecting tree decals for their store since I had suggested they use Feng Shui symbols to enhance the Feng Shui design of their store. I gave them my input through Feng Shui symbology and the hidden meaning of the elements within the decals they had chosen.

Feng Shui symbol of tree, bluebirds and butterflies

Feng Shui symbol of tree, bluebirds and butterflies

They sent me several different designs they had found. I thought I would share some of these decals with you along with points I shared with them. As you will see, there are meanings and implications in the interior design of a building when using Feng Shui training to stimulate the success and to create the best possible energy of an environment.

With this first tree I love the color and brightness. It has nice big leaves that would symbolize growth and expansion. Since the company is deciding if they want to expand, I suggested they use several of these symbolic of the number of stores they would ultimately like to have and use these in additional stores as the company grows. The bluebirds symbolize happiness while the butterflies stand for clarity, creativity and change.

Feng Shui symbol of Cherry Blossom tree

Feng Shui symbol of Cherry Blossom tree

The second tree is perfect for a little girls room as it is displayed. It provides a "canopy" effect in the Feng Shui design so the little one would feel more protected and nurtured. It isn't as good for the particular business as it is too weak since it bends drastically. Also, the leaves are small. The Feng Shui symbol from them is small growth.

The last one I'll share looks more like a lollypop with limited borders for the tree canopy. This would limit the expansion. The playful monkeys again would be great in a child's bedroom, but might not be appropriate for a business. This would especially be of concern if there seems to be a lot of "monkeying around" happening with the employees.

Feng Shui symbol of tree with monkeys.

Feng Shui symbol of tree with monkeys.

It also might mean there would be the tendency to "swing" from one project to another. The color of the truck appears to have a purplish tone to it. This could be great if placed in the "Feng Shui wealth corner" of a building to support the Feng Shui wealth of the business.

These are just a few of the many ways we can use Feng Shui images to enhance the Feng Shui decorating of a dwelling. We look at all parts of the images - the Feng Shui chi, directions it goes, the type and Feng Shui numbers and the Feng Shui colors, especially the Feng Shui bedroom colors.

There are so many ways we can improve our life through the Feng Shui design and decorating of our home and businesses. These are just a few of the Feng Shui tips for home to help you realize the importance of your selections. The Feng Shui tips for office or businesses is just as critical.

If you are considering building, designing or decorating your home or office, please contact me with your questions. I'm delighted to help you through answering you in my posts.

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