Feng Shui Symbols – Good Feng Shui for Money

by Linda Lenore on December 8, 2011



When I first heard about Feng Shui over 25 years ago, I had very mixed feelings and thoughts about it due to comments made about things that were good and bad Feng Shui symbols. A couple of things really interested me.

One of the things I heard was that cats are "bad Feng Shui." Let me tell you, that didn't sit well with me at all. I love carts. I have always had cats from the time I was a baby. I had a black cat who watched over my daughter when she was a baby in a bassinet, just like a watch dog. She growled at any stranger that came close. No way was a cat "bad Feng Shui" in my opinion.

Another "bad Feng Shui" critter was an ant. Now I don't like ants in my house for obvious reasons, but I know they help break up the clay soil where I live. They are needed OUTSIDE!

I just read an interesting tip about an ant's nest being "good Feng Shui." It says if you discover an ant's nest near your front door, you can look forward to coming into some money. That's a new one for me.

I think I'll check around the house tomorrow to see if there are any ant's nest close by my front door. What with holiday expenses, several association dues coming up for renewal and property taxes it would be nice to have some extra "money coming soon."

Let me know what your experience has been around this Feng Shui symbols for wealth.

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