Feng Shui for the Baby’s Nursery

by Linda Lenore on December 13, 2011



There has been a lot of requests recently for me to write and teach about Feng Shui for the baby's nursery. I find it fascinating how things show up all at once making it very clear when one is to focus on a specific area of life. Once I realized there was more than one or two people interested in nursery Feng Shui, it seemed the doors opened bringing everything together.

Early next year I will be teaching at least one workshop on Feng Shui for the Nursery. Here is a little about the workshop.

"Home is where the heart is. When you are expecting, the nursery becomes even more of a focal point than any other location within the home. You're excitedly anticipating the little one's arrival, wanting a very special place for your baby.

Blending the ancient art of Feng Shui and modern science through the use of beautiful interior design techniques, you'll discover the qualities for the nursery needed to create healthy, stimulating spaces while soothing the soul for you and your family. By following the guidelines, after leaving the womb the newborn will find their new room cozy, peaceful and enchanting.

Nursery topics we'll discuss are:

  • Choosing the room
  • Repairs and renovation
  • Choosing the right furniture
  • Clutter and organization
  • Functionality and flow
  • Furniture placement, flooring and accessories
  • Color, paint and pattern
  • Nature and the natural world
  • Light, sound and fragrances
  • Balance, intention and gratitude

All these play a role in the creation of the Feng Shui nursery. Come and enjoy an afternoon of inspiring ideas to ignite that spark of creativity and kindle the warm nurturing of your soul."

I hope you can make it to this workshop if you or a loved one is expecting a baby or have small children. A child's bedroom is the seat of their soul-forming environments. For peace of mind, help your child through the creation of the balanced approach for the Feng Shui nursery. Imagine redesigning an environment that renews, rejuvenates and rekindles the love, joy and beauty coming from your heart.

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