Carpet Care and Maintenance – Spot Cleaning

by Linda Lenore on December 12, 2011



In an earlier post I shared general carpet care and maintenance information from a brochure produced by Capel Rugs, Inc. Today I am going to focus on the spot cleaning tips from this same brochure.

"Spot Cleaning for Rugs and Carpets by Capel Rugs

  1. Cleaning spills immediately can often prevent a stain from setting in.
  2. Blot spills with a clean, white, absorbent cloth or paper towel. Never rub a spill; rubbing forces the spill deeper into the fibers.
  3. Remove any solids using a spoon or a blunt knife. Always work from the edge of the stain inward and scrape in the direction of the pile whenever possible.
  4. Remove as much moisture from the spill as possible by blotting with a clean, white, absorbent cloth or paper towel.
  5. Try to remove any residual stain with clean, luckwarm water containing a small amount of carpet shampoo or mild dishwashing liquid and pure white vinegar.
  6. If water fails, a solvent can be used to effectively remove a spill. Always pretest the solvent on a small area of the rug by applying a few drops, then blotting with a clean, white, absorbent cloth or paper towel.
  7. Apply the solvent directly on the stain and work from the edges of the spot to the center with a spoon handle. Blot thoroughly with a white, absorbent cloth or paper towel until as much moisture as possibile is absorbed. Repeat the process until the spot no longer transfers to the cleaning cloth, never over-wetting the stain.
  8. Use clean water to remove any residual cleaner and absorb any remaining moisture with white paper towels. When dry, vacuum pile to restore texture.
  9. If you cannot completely remove the spill, send your rug to a reputable professional cleaner."
With holiday gatherings the chances of unwanted spills on rugs and carpets increases. I hope these tips will help you protect and keep your valuable carpet and rug investments in better repair to be enjoyed by generations to come.
Happy Holidays.

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