Five Feng Shui Wealth Wisdom Tips for Today’s Lifestyle

by Linda Lenore on November 17, 2011



During these challenging economic, using Feng Shui for the accumulation of wealth has been a focus for many of my clients and readers. The reality is "There is an abundance of money available." Our intention plays a major role in what we manifest in our lives.

When life situations happen to make you think or feel you are "in lack" mentality, simply do something to involve your body, mind and spirit in the practice of conscious prosperity. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Place a bunch of grapes or bananas in a bowl on the kitchen counter or dining room table. This will represent "a bunch" of money and health. (Health is the greatest wealth and sometimes you want the cash.)
  2. Purchase a tangerine tree or other citrus plant and locate it right outside your front door. The fruit signifies wealth luck.
  3. Place rice in a golden bowl to symbolize wealth. Sometimes it is advisable to have a small bowl of rice in the bathroom - either covered or not - placed on top of the toilet tank, under the toilet or in a cabinet close to the toilet. This "cure" can offset the negative draining of money caused by having a bathroom and/or toilet in what is known as the "wealth area" of these locations. The wealth area is the back left corner of any room, home or building.
  4. Have a jade plant by your front door - inside and/or outside - as the large rounded leaves of this plant represent coins.
  5. Place money under your doormat. This can be coins or dollar bills. If you have someone else cleaning your home, you may want to tell these people to leave the money or replace it after cleaning to make sure it remains in place.

There are many more suggestions I will be giving throughout this blog. These are just a few rather quick and easy ones to get you started. They also make great gift ideas for loved ones for any holiday or special occasion.

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