Feng Shui Numbers, Feng Shui Numerology and the Power to Change

by Linda Lenore on November 19, 2011



Recently in an interview for the Power to Change book co-authors, I mentioned the power of Feng Shui numbers, Feng Shui numerology and numerology in general. I gave several examples, but ran out of time to be able to talk specifically about one number I had promised. Thank goodness you, my readers and followers, keep me honest.

Instead of giving the answer to this one number, I thought I would give you an overview by listing a few qualities for each of the numbers. That way if you weren't on the call - by the way, for the time you can click here to register to hear it for free - you will learn about the numbers. Since I wasn't focused just on numbers, but several forms of symbology, I didn't go through all the numbers.

Again, this is just an overview of some of the energy and symbology of Feng Shui numbers and numerology:

  • The Number 1: Beginnings, individuality, career
  • The Number 2: Polarities, relationships, yin/yang
  • The Number 3: Family, friends
  • The Number 4: Organization, financial security
  • The Number 5: Change, well-traveled, health
  • The Number 6: Community, beauty
  • The Number 7: Birth, children
  • The Number 8: Material success, leadership
  • The Number 9: Release, endings, completion
  • The Number 0: Unity, forever
  • The Number 11: Develop metaphysical qualities
  • The Number 22: Mastery on all levels, especially spiritual connection
  • The Number 33: All things are possible

There are many ways we can use numbers and numerology in Feng Shui. One of them is in house numbers. When we look at the energy of a house, we look at each individual number as well as the total of all the numbers.

Another is in the placement of objects. We might place two objects together to symbolize the bringing together of two people into a relationship.

Still another use of Feng Shui numerology is to be aware of patterns of numbers that appear in our lives. For me, the number 5 seems to pop up a lot. It's the number for being well-traveled. I have traveled around the world to do my Feng Shui training.

The patterns could be anniversary dates or birth dates. They could also be the addition of the numbers from special dates. Noticing how number "show up" and then figuring out what the symbology of the number is may be helpful for you in your life - using it as a tool to guide you.

To wrap things up, remember I said the number 5 shows up in my life a lot? Remember I started this post due to a request for more on a number from the Power to Change book interive? Look at the number 5.

The first word to describe the number 5 is"change." I wrote the chapter "Change Your Environment, Change Your Life" for the Power to Change book because I have experienced so many changes in my life I wanted to support others in the process through the simple implementations I share in that chapter.

To find out more about the interviews and book Power to Change, click here.

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