Three Feng Shui Tips for Success

by Linda Lenore on September 8, 2011



This is a fabulous time of year where we have the opportunity to reap the harvest of our success using three Feng Shui tips. Working hard is not the answer. Working smart, as in using your thoughts and intentions, will bring you great rewards.

I just finished a chapter for a book on change. The chapter I wrote is "Change Your Environment, Change Your Life." In it I give many examples and today I want to focus on three of them.

If you are feeling as though you deserve success and don't seem to be achieving it, I'd like you to do these three things - TODAY!

  1. Clear around the front door where you live. Wash the door, sweep inside and out, remove any clutter that prevents you from opening the door completely and make sure you have lovely things around the door - again both inside and out.
  2. Place water by the front door inside your home. I'd love a water fountain or water feature like an aquarium, if possible. If you can't do that for some reason, get a picture of a water fall that is flowing toward the inside of the home from the doorway. Ideally this water picture would be a time-lapsed photography where the water spray is blurred to look even more abundant.
  3. Place money on your desk so you can see it. In corporate environments, I suggest the money be hide from others, like under the desk or in a drawer. If you work from home and don't have children who will decide to take the money, I like to put a hundred dollar bill where it is easily seen. I have mine on the bottom of my desktop monitor. I also have the side that says "In God We Trust" facing toward me. This works best for me and I want you to do what feels best and works for you.

These suggestions are to be done when you can focus on them with strong positive feelings. We want our intentions to be honorable and heartfelt. Concentrate on what success means to you to help you gain clarity with this process. You want your Feng Shui chi to be strong and vitally alive!

Success can be measured in many ways. Although I mentioned money in my last recommendation, it is because money allows us to be good stewards to the planet. When we have money, we can either give it or give our time and talents to be of contribution to society.

Please share in the comments section of this post what success means to you. Also, tell us about your successes. I love to connect to your success energy and share it with my readers.

Here's to our success!

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