Harvesting the Wisdom of Helpful People, Mentors and Benefactors

by Linda Lenore on September 13, 2011



This time of year when we reap the rewards of the harvest, remember to be grateful for the wisdom of you helpful people, mentors and benefactors. These are the people in your life with whom knowledge has been shared, whether it is knowledge you have and have shared with others or knowledge others have they have shared with you.

I have been blessed to be on both sides of this coin often this month and even today. I have a fabulous young lady with whom I am mentoring. In sharing my knowledge she is able to carry it out in her own way to bless the world. Also, I have learned through teleseminars presented by several wise ladies gifts to shorten my learning curve.

The area of the Ba-Gua - the Feng Shui map used to define the areas of our homes where the various areas of our lives reside - that represents mentors and benefactors is located in the front right corner of the building. There are one of five elements associated with each area of the Ba-Gua. Each element has materials, colors and shapes that are Feng Shui symbols of it.

The element for the Helpful People area is metal. The colors associated with metal are white and grey plus any colors represented by the actual metals. Henceforth, copper, gold, silver, bronze and platinum as well as stainless and chrome. The shape is circles and half circles.

I like to think of harvesting the gold from elders - the golden nuggets gleaned while gaining insights. A picture that comes to mind is the wisdom circle of elders from Native American tribes. Somehow that image resonates with me.

I have been fortunate to sit in wisdom circles, both with native cultures and wisdom circles of women. The harvest of gold shared by young and old have enriched my life.

If you feel in need of gaining wisdom, may I suggest you place a round bowl with coins placed within it in the helpful people area of your home. A beautiful round pillow with gold or silver threads found in many of the import stores placed on a sofa can be an attractant for an elder to arrive in your life. Find a book on wisdom from different cultures - their customs and beliefs - or a book of poetry to contemplate might be another proactive way to stimulate the flow of other people's knowledge and experience toward you.

This time of year is a time to gather the harvest in many areas of our lives. We reap the rewards of this work throughout the winter as we contemplate all we learn, letting it settle into our subconscious to blossom forth in the new year during the springtime.

Life is a cycle. It is a cycle of the minutes, hours, days, months and seasons. The gift of time shared is a treasure. Schedule more time to share with your family and friends. Harvest the golden nuggets found in this time of the year, this time of the seasons and this time of your life.

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Joanna October 29, 2011 at 7:14 am


Harvesting the wisdom of helpful people…… is so very appropriate. Thank you for sharing so eloquently!

Continued success!


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