Harvesting and Building Community – Block Party

by Linda Lenore on September 17, 2011



We just returned from our block party where building community and relationships was part of harvesting good Feng Shui chi and Green Chi Designs. The theme this year was living local, something that had not been mentioned before this year at the block party. I like to think our green remodel has had an influence on this.

Actually this was not "our" block, it was one block away, but our block was invited and rather well represented. We did have several families that were away on vacations, but more than half our neighbors showed up.

The organizers had provided fliers to ask blocks of house numbers to bring different dishes. We fell into the dessert category, which allowed us to bring a local peach pie. Yum! Appetizers, chips, chicken, hot dogs, lemonade, beer, watermelon, veggie dips, bean salads, pear/walnut salad and brownies filled the stomachs of over a hundred neighbors.

A pleasing coincidence was when one of the neighbors came up to us and thanked us for letting them see our house a few years ago when they were thinking of doing a remodel. We have opened our house up many times as a display or model home due to the many things we have incorporated into it.

In our home, we have included some very creative ideas by blending green and sustainable building principles, eco housing, environmental architecture, Feng Shui architecture, Universal design/Aging-in-place concepts, interior paint design, regular interior design principles and wonderful Feng Shui, eco-friendly landscape garden design. Not only did this one couple thank us for the ideas - many of which they included in their project - several other families came up to us to thank us for ideas they have learned from our project.

Delightfully, several children came to us giggling about the pond and fish we have, which we have designed according to Feng Shui water and Feng Shui water fountain design principles. Many of the neighbors stop by our house on a daily basis to unwind and regroup at our Certified Natural Wildlife Habitat. It is an educational experience for many and not just children.

Another lovely touch was the honoring of the old and the new - in the way of neighbors. One household has only been in the community one month with another here for 3 months and 2 other about 6 months. There were several families each that have lived here 2-3 years. About 10 households have been here 10 years. Another 10 for about 15 years. There were maybe 12 families here 20 years and another 6 for 25 years. Two families have lived here 30 years, 2 for 35 years, 3 for 40 years and 1 for 45 years. The star of the show is an owner who has lived here 51 years.

Unfortunately the neighbor who lives across the street from us was on vacation or she would have won. She is an original owner who has lived here 61 years!

We have newborns, pre-school, grade school, middle school, high school and college age children in our community. Our adult neighbors range from newly married without children to those widowed living by themselves in their 90's.

At our block party we are able to celebrate the harvest of building community. We know each other by face and/or name. We are every race, creed and religion. We are a neighborhood community!

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