Feng Shui Romance and Feng Shui Love

by Linda Lenore on September 1, 2011



When it comes to Feng Shui, one of the first and most positive personal experiences I had was with Feng Shui romance, which led to my Feng Shui love. Since I recently have had several clients who have requested my services to help them attract a partner into their lives, I feel it is time to share the first steps necessary to set the stage for you to attract your partner into your life.

Before you do anything, you'll want to be clear what kind of "partnership" you want. Is it an intimate, long term relationship? Or is it a shorter, "try-it-on-for-size" relationship, let me see what I want and don't want type of relationship?

I'm so glad my therapist told me to "date" at least 15 men before I got into a serious relationship. It gave me permission to "shop around" to find the different qualities I wanted in a soulmate. But as they say, "that's another story for another day."

Let me give you an example of one of my clients from about 20 years ago. She called me saying, "I want a man in my life, but not in my bed. I want a dance partner!"

With that in mind, I suggested a large painting in the righthand back corner of her living room, which was the "partnership" corner of her home as well as her living room. She found the perfect painting of a couple dressed in 1940's formal attire dancing. About a month after placing it in her partnership corner, she found the man of her dreams - a dance partner she has had since that time.

Here are five things to do to start the shift of energy in your favor. These are the steps I personally took when I was ready to attract my soulmate.

  1. Clear out at least one drawer and part of your closet to make room for someone special in your life.
  2. Clear your calendar to have "alone nights" at home. This makes room in your life for that special someone. If you are doing lots of things at home, you need to provide quiet time, almost to the point of being bored.
  3. Make sure you have removed ALL pictures of single people from your bedroom. Whether you are a man or a woman, having pictures of single individuals gives the subconscious a signal to keep you single. This isn't what you want. Find pictures of couples doing activities you want to do with your partner, like walking, biking or going to sports events.
  4. Create an altar or special place where you can focus your attention and intention on that which you want. I had a corner of my dresser top with a placemat filled with two candles, a picture of my parents who were married for 25 years and two hearts.
  5. Get a peach tree for outside or find a picture of peach blossoms to put in your bedroom. Peach blossoms are a symbol of everlasting love.

What can you find to signify the type of partnership you want? Place it on a table or dresser where you can see them everyday.

Could you plant a peach tree outside in your backyard? That's what I did when I was serious about finding my "Mr. Right!"

These are just a few Feng Shui romance tips to attract that Feng Shui love into your life. Stay tuned for more ideas. Please share your success stories with me.

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