Feng Shui for Health

by Linda Lenore on September 9, 2011



I was introduced to Feng Shui and the implications on Feng Shui health, several decades ago by Grand Master Lin Yun, who was know then as Professor Lin or Professor Lin Yun. He gave an example of the floor plan of a house stating, "This house could be so bad for health, especially a child's health, the child could die!"

WOW! That caught my attention. How could the floor plan of a house have any impact on the health of an individual, particularly a child's health? That was a lot to swallow.

Then he went on to describe the house in more detail. What he described was my home. Not only was that my home, it was my Jeff's bedroom. Jeff was my son and he had died shortly before I heard this.

Although I didn't know it at the time, with that, I was hooked. I needed to find out what Professor Lin meant when he shared this. I wasn't planning to do any Feng Shui study at that point. I was on the path to complete my interior design degree for use in my interior design business.

Since that time I have found numerous concerns with buildings affecting people's health. The affect can be both negative or positive.

Let me share a couple with you right now with more to follow in later posts.

Some of the easy to fix things to look for within your home that can be considered negative are:

  • Beams
  • Clutter
  • Sharp objects
  • Doorways in straight alignment

All of these can create a sense of attack or stuck energy, making them poor or bad Feng Shui chi. I have had clients with these problems and used the following Feng Shui "cures" to change the energy and create healthy environments for the occupants.

Some simple solutions to remedy these issues would be to:

  • Place a plant or tall lamp beneath the beam
  • Remove the clutter
  • Remove the sharp objects
  • If you can't remove the clutter or sharp objects, place a plant, crystal or flowers in the room where the clutter or sharp object is located
  • Hang a mobile, crystal or lights, especially crystal or beveled glass chandeliers, between the doorways

These are some of the traditional Feng Shui symbols or solutions to problems within a home used to mitigate issues affecting one's Feng Shui health. I'll share specific stories in my next post.

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