A Harvest of Balance – Autumn Equinox

by Linda Lenore on September 23, 2011



During the month of September we have the Autumn Equinox - a time of balance, a time of Yin and Yang qualities. It's a time to give thanks for the bounty of wealth we have been given. A time to celebrate the abundance and joy this year - the Year of the Rabbit - has brought us.

For those of you who receive my newsletter, you read about the Autumn Equinox and many of the things we harvest this time of year. It's a time of gathering knowledge, sharing our gifts and honoring the blessings of the seasons. What better time to attract and anchor balance in our homes than on an equinox. What better time to attract and anchor the energy of abundance than the Autumn Equinox and the Harvest Moon, especially during this Chinese calendar Year of the Rabbit whose energy is all about Abundance and Joy. (If you haven't read about the energy of this year already, you might want to purchase my CD - "Hop Quickly for Abundance and Joy during the Year of the Rabbit").

I usually honor and celebrate the solstices and equinox in some form during each of their celestial occurrences each year. Some are more involved and spiritual than others. Sometimes I'm working at client's buildings to bring in and anchor the balance energy for them. This year I was gifted the opportunity to do my own home.

Autumn Equinox Feng Shui Space Clearing  and Home Blessing

Autumn Equinox Feng Shui Space Clearing and Home Blessing

It has been way too long since I've cleared the negative energy in and around my own home. It has been even longer since I've set strong positive intentions for all we want in our lives. The Universe supported me in every way possible throughout the day, making it a bountiful gift in itself.

Some of you know I am a Simple Abundance Certified Leader as well as a Peace and Plenty Certified Leader. I've also been trained to lead virtual Simple Abundance Women's Circles. Today Sarah Ban Breathnach presented her virtual Peace and Plenty Women's Circles training. It was the perfect energy to set the stage for me to do a Space Clearing and Home Blessing for my home.

During the day I gathered and created the things I needed. I purchased beautiful flowers from the farmers' market. I located many vases around the house and gathered them in the kitchen. Finding my essential oils and intuiting which ones to use gave me insights into the energy that has accumulated around my house.

I found candles of various shapes, sizes and colors for a perfect blending to enhance the energies I desire. All these will help my home support me in creating my life during the next few months and years.

Nurturing myself with the sacred training Sarah provided and then gathering a few more perfect roses from my rose garden for the last few vases, I felt embraced by spirit. As I explored my home energetically throughout the day and evening, I was guided to add objects in special locations to enhance our desires. There were a few things that needed to be moved and still others to be removed completely from the home.

When I was finished, I gave thanks for the ability and the knowledge to do this ceremony. I was called to create a wonderful fruit salad as part of our meal. The abundance, beauty and sweetness filled the bowl and my soul.

I am blessed and so is my home.

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