Mercury Retrograde, Clutter and Space Clearings – Update

by Linda Lenore on August 22, 2011



I just wanted to give you a quick update on Mercury Retrogrades, Feng Shui clutter and Space Clearings. Plus many of you have contacted me to thank me for sharing about Mercury Retrograde as it has allowed you to realize what is happening in your live and "this too shall pass".

It has been a crazy Mercury Retrograde. I've had so many people rearrange their appointments - not cancel them, but rearrange them. I've asked for a few rearrangements of my appointments as well as my clients have needed theirs changed. All seems to be going quite well.

I've had a couple of "contracts" renegotiated. Several of you have told me you've experienced that too. Mine have turned out excellent for me. Several of you have also had that experience with a few of you not sure just yet how they will turn out. Just hang in there. Having a great attitude and steering clear of negative thoughts does wonders during these retro times.

I continue to release items as part of my Feng Shui clutter busting and Feng Shui chi improvement program I set for myself. I'm so glad those of you who have bought my Year of the Rabbit CD about de-cluttering this year to open yourselves up for "Abundance and Joy" have followed the advice I've given to be able to take advantage of the information to help you move forward in achieving your goals.

For those of you who haven't purchased it, I've just about run out. With 5 months yet to go during this Chinese Year of the Rabbit, there is still plenty of time to take advantage of the knowledge. In fact, I just had another request today by a longtime client stating that same thing.

I've had several of you take me up on my offer for doing a Space Clearing of your environments with amazing results already happening. Isn't it exciting?!

One of you "found" $300 the next day you didn't know you had. Another got a job offer "out of the blue". Two of you had old clients recontact you to come back and another had a book offer. With the job and book offer, knowing we are in Mercury Retrograde, I've reminded them to wait until the middle of the first week of September to make any final decisions.

What's been your experience with Mercury Retrograde? Please share it with me. I love to help others by letting them know they aren't the only ones going through the ups and downs and ins and outs during these retro energies.

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