Making the Most of Mercury Retrograde – Reduce Feng Shui Clutter and Improve Feng Shui Chi

by Linda Lenore on August 13, 2011



Although Mercury Retrogrades may not seem as though they would be part of a green remodel, eco housing, environmental architecture, interior design website or Feng Shui decorating blog, there are many reasons to include knowledge about these occurrences. The time during a Mercury Retrograde can be utilized to help rid Feng Shui clutter, reorganize Feng Shui living rooms, rearrange the Feng Shui bedroom layout, reminisce about Feng Shui romances and love, buy & install Feng Shui bells & Vastu remedies, do Space Clearings & Home Blessings plus reflect on Feng Shui info and symbols.

I'll explain each of these below and during the next couple of posts. Also, there are other aspects of Mercury Retrogrades you might want to know. They occur several times a year and last for about 3-1/2 weeks. Their energy seems to affect transportation, technology, contracts and communication in challenging ways. Often plans are changed quickly without rational explanations, yet wonderful opportunities usually happen instead.

For instance, contracts agreed upon during a Mercury Retrograde often are renegotiated or difficult to finalize. Airline travel is usually very challenging as delays and cancellations seem to happen more. There's an increase in auto failures as well as technology failures. Communication seems to be easily misinterpreted.

Let me share a few things I've personally experienced so far during this current Mercury Retrograde, which is only about 10 days into it.

I drove to Southern California for a convention. It took almost twice as long due to construction and who knows what else as I could never see nor did I hear about any accidents. That meant I was very late to several appointments. Due to me being late, my plans were changed as were my clients.

Stuck in the middle of "unusually extreme traffic conditions" is often part of Mercury Retrograde energy. This was a momentary break in my direction of what was a 2-hour drive which should have taken 45-minutes - even in LA.

Trucking along with trucks - stuck in the middle of "unusually extreme traffic conditions" is often part of Mercury Retrograde energy. This was a momentary break in my direction of what was a 2-hour drive, which should have taken 45-minutes - even in LA.

While there, I needed some information and articles from my husband sent via Internet. Unfortunately where he was staying, they had technical issues with the Internet not connecting. Then when I received them, I had problems with my computer. In the end, it all worked out well. But if I hadn't known about the possibilities of problems and made several different backup plans, it would have been disastrous on many levels.

Since communication can be misunderstood, I made sure I didn't send out any emails or letters without triple checking how they were worded. I also knew to be a lot more forgiving and aware of things said at the convention - things that could have been hurtful or gossipy (and most probably incorrect.) Very often these are the type of things that can break up relationships or even result in legal issues around character defamation.

When I arrived back home, I found we had experienced a power failure that could have affected the modem, a computer and printer. Since I had turned off that circuit knowing there was a higher probability something like that might happen, they were easily fixed.

As you read the information in the first paragraph, did you notice a lot of words started with "re"? That is because retrogrades love work or verbs that start with "re" - i.e., redoing, reorganizing, removing, etc.

Reorganizing and refreshing the refrigerator while removing old stuff in it is another task I did when I got home. This weekend we have been removing flaking paint on the facia of the eaves that is only 6-years old and repainting it.

I've also been reconnecting with a lot of friends - both intentionally via phone calls as well as unintentionally at first when someone I knew ask to be "friends" on Facebook. Then another connection happened via LinkedIn. Since those two, I've spent about 1 hour each day going through to find more friends.

Also, as an ex-client or friend comes to mind, I've sent off an email or called to connect. I've also had several ex-clients and previous students contact me to do work for them. all part of Mercury Retro energy. That's why I try my best to leave my schedule more open during these occurrences.

This is also a great time to reflect on the past, so I'm doing a lot of writing about past experiences and remembering people and places I've visited. Even attending the San Francisco International Gift Show earlier this week, I kept having people bring up in conversations areas where I have visited, bringing up warm memories of them.

As you can see, there are many areas of our lives that can be affected by a Mercury retrograde in potentially negative and positive ways. To take full advantage of the energy, try to keep your schedule as open and flexible as possible. Then schedule time to go through boxes, papers and anything from the past - getting rid of things which no longer serve you and embracing things that make your heart sing.

In my next post I'll discuss how you can utilize the Mercury Retrograde energy to help you remove the Feng Shui clutter to improve the Feng Shui chi in your life. I also have some previous posts about clutter you may want to read. There's even one on the clutter books create.

In the meantime, I've also written a newsletter about Mercury Retrogrades with more details and other tips. If you would like the newsletter, please contact me with the subject line "Mercury Retrograde Newsletter". You'll also have the opportunity to download "Nine Tips to Build Your Emotional Home" at the same time.

As an update, you might like to read how my Mercury Retrograde day went on August 16.

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JJ Lauderbaugh August 16, 2011 at 9:20 pm

Fun seeing you at convention even though it was brief. I enjoyed reading this Mercury Retrograde blog and intend to read some of the others too. Thanks, JJ


Linda Lenore August 16, 2011 at 11:28 pm

Great to see you also. Would love to have caught up with you. Please make comments on any of the posts, especially if you have questions or examples in your personal life you’d like to share.


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