How is Mercury Retrograde going for you?

by Linda Lenore on August 16, 2011



When I give suggestions for you about Feng Shui chi or Mercury Retrograde, I am always trying to do my best to "walk my talk". I wanted to check in to see how you were doing and if there are any questions I might be able to answer in order to help.

I thought I would share with you what has happened to me the last 24 hours. Hopefully you can relate and implement some of my experience into your life to help move you easily and productively through retrogrades.

I was hoping my newsletter would make it out several days ago, so I left my day open to be able to help readers with Space Clearings. Since Mercury Retrogrades can impact communications and technology, the newsletter didn't go out until this morning. So I had my day open to the possibilities.

First I got a call from a group to be a speaker as their presenter had cancelled on them. Unexpected changes, especially in appointments, schedules and classes or presentations is a given during Mercury Retros. Since I didn't have any set plans, I was able to help the group by filling in for the speaker.

A little later I received a call from a friend who had an appointment changed on her, asking if I could have lunch. We had been trying to connect for several months. I had a leisurely "surprise" lunch outdoors by a fountain enjoying a lovely peach, blue cheese and walnut salad. Delicious! (I should have taken a picture of it! Darn!)

After running a few errands, I came home to a fabulous message with a renegotiated offer I couldn't refuse. Contracts discussed or started during Mercury Retros often have difficulties associated with them or are renegotiated. This one was originally offered to me on the start of this current retrograde. There may be more renegotiation, so I just need to be aware of this as it moves along. We don't want to have situations where miscommunication wrecks a good relationship.

In opening the mail I had picked up, I discovered a bank had charged a fee I was unaware was to happen. I went out again to the bank to talk with a "live" person. Fifteen minutes later the fee was reversed and the problem solved. Again, a renegotiation or need to take a closer look at the fine print and fees associated with the situation.

I decided to stop by another bank to make a payment several days earlier than I would normally do. As soon as I walked in, I recognized someone. In the conversation, I discovered I had missed a meeting I would loved to have attended. Whether it was miscommunication or a technological issue - both of which are Mercury Retro energies - I was very disappointed.

I followed through with the situation more to figure out why this might have happened. I discovered, after almost 10 years of having the same email address, that somehow my email had been changed in the general list. If I hadn't found this out now, I don't know how long it would have taken for me to realize I wasn't getting the info needed in a timely manner for future events. Mercury Retro - again?

Since the day had been changed so much, I was not in a mindset to write as I had originally planned. So I played back a few more messages and followed through with a couple of emails. I reconnected with a longtime client who needs some help.

I then remembered several of my domain names were about to expire so I renewed them. Renewing contracts with companies with which you have had a relation is an alright thing to do during Mercury Retros, so I felt confident doing so. I also found out a domain name I had wanted several years ago was now available at no additional cost. Fabulous!

When I went to change clothes, the Feng Shui clutter hit me. Feeling compelled to reorganize part of the closet and go through old clothes, I started with my pants. I went through every pair, trying them on, look at each one to make sure they fit nicely and weren't overly worn - except of course for my favorite jeans!

Several hours later as part of the closet was cleaned, a bag of clothes for a charity was filled and a small box with winter items was put away, I went to another room. There I discovered a box of old party items I knew I would never used. That, too, is headed to the charity tomorrow.

As you can see, when you know about the energies of a Mercury Retrograde and learn to flow with them as much as possible - trying not to get too caught up in the emotional upheavals we so often do when things don't go as planned - you can have a pretty amazing day.

Who would have thought I would reconnect with several people, have a great lunch reconnecting with a friend, recoup a sizable sum of money, renegotiate a special situation in my favor, re-book a speaking gig, figure out some technical issues and reorganize part of my closet?

I know when I woke up this morning, none of those were on my "to do" list. I just had planned to write a post and I didn't know what to write about. How great it is the Universe provided me with Mercury Retrograde and the ability to "walk my talk"! Thank you Higher Power!

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