Feng Shui Wealth Tips – Colors

by Linda Lenore on August 6, 2011



Earlier this week I was at the National Speakers Association's National Convention talking to some of the vendors about Feng Shui tips, especially Feng Shui wealth tips. The conversation first started on colors associated with money.

The gentleman had heard he should paint his whole bedroom blue to attract more wealth into his life. I must admit, this was a first for me. As far as the actual colors associated with money, blue is not one of them.

Now maybe the person he was talking to was using a different Feng Shui training that focused on the elements for the individual. Then maybe blue would be appropriate for the bedroom, but not in a general case. In fact, blue might actually reduce the energy of this individual.

Unless the person was suggesting blue as a color associated with water. In that case, since water is a form of wealth, we might bring in a little of the color blue into the bedroom, but not the whole room. There are too many possibilities where blue can drain the vitality of the person. I might suggest a picture of water to fill the Feng Shui symbol for water, thus a Feng Shui wealth symbol.

The colors symbolic to wealth are green, gold and purple. The reasons are: green is associated with money; gold is associated with gold bullion; and purple was the hardest color to create, so only royalty could afford it. Hence, it symbolizes expensive, costing lots of money, so only rich people can afford to have the color purple.

Wealth and Abundance through flowers and colors - green, golden yellow and purple

Wealth and Abundance through flowers and colors - green, golden yellow and purple. These colors can offset even the most challenging of landscape issues to improve the Feng Shui wealth of the occupants.

Try to bring in these colors into the bedroom in small doses at first to see how you personally are affected by the colors. Then you can increase them as needed.

Another place to have these colors are at the entrance to the home or office. Still another location would be the back left corner of the house or any room. The back left corner is the area of "wealth" according to several Feng Shui trainings often called the Feng Shui wealth corner.

The entrance, according to these same trainings, is the area where money comes into the building. Displaying the Feng Shui wealth colors or having "an abundance" of something like flowers in these colors is another Feng Shui symbol for wealth.

Remember, the Mardi Gras colors of green, gold and purple are the colors for attracting money. Celebrate the festivities of Mardi Gras with these colors in their shiny form, like gazing balls, some whirly gigs and mobiles, since the eye and "good Feng Shui chi" are attracted to shiny objects and objects that move.

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