Creating Sacred Spaces through Space Clearings and Home Blessings

by Linda Lenore on August 11, 2011



Creating Sacred Spaces through Space Clearings and Home Blessings is one of the things I love to do most in my business as it energizes me, my client and their environment. We all feel fabulous while preparing the environment to support our dreams and life desires. I say environment rather than home because we can do this in a person's office as well as for companies. In fact, some of the most successful companies, especially in the San Francisco Bay Area, have used my services to build a solid, positive energy foundation for achieving their goals for the corporation.

In my last post I gave you an overview of space clearings and sacred space suggestions. This post is focused on the process.

As mentioned before in my previous post, gather the items you want to use. Select an appropriate space to have as your central location. Get a good night's rest. Try to do this when no one else is around unless they want to actively participate and contribute positively. Have your mind focused, not on what you want to get rid of or what you lack, but on what you want to create in your home and in your life.

In this order:

The Sacred Space table altar for a Home Blessing

The Sacred Space table altar for a Home Blessing

  • Create the altar while maintaining a positive and happy attitude.
  • Center yourself before going around the home.
  • Say a blessing or state an intention while looking at the altar.
  • Start from the altar and go around the home in a predetermined pattern, covering all areas of your home. Follow this same pattern each time you go around the home.
  • First round, start with making sound using a bell, drum, sticks, etc.
  • Second round, use aromatherapy or smudging.
  • Place flowers, candles and other objects from altar throughout the home making sure you have something in each room of the house. I like to have at least one candle in each room.
  • Continue taking turns around the house using your various tools - aromatherapy, sage, drums, bells, etc., until all have been used or you feel the energy has shifted positively.
  • Make one final pass around the home, blessing each room and thanking it for being part of the whole "Blessed Home".

You may leave the candles burning as long as you desire making sure they are put out before you leave the home or go to sleep.

Dismantle the altar in a positive, thought-filled way. If you feel like doing it following a religious or symbolic regimen, that is fine as well.

Enjoy the lightness and beauty you have created.

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