Feng Shui Clutter – Overview of Bad Feng Shui Chi

by Linda Lenore on July 9, 2011

Feng Shui clutter has been a topic I've encountered recently in several forms, especially how it contributes to bad Feng Shui chi. There's my own clutter in a variety of places and from many sources. Then there is the clutter of my clients and friends.

My best friend actually used to organize people as part of her company and occupation. She helped me through several moves and life situations to rid myself of "stuff" and get organized. There's actually an organization devoted to the profession of organizing - National Association of Professional Organizers. I've been a member for almost 20 years with many dear friends in the local chapter - San Francisco Bay Area.

Here's an overview of the topic of Feng Shui clutter.

The Encarta ® World English Dictionary © 1999 Micorsoft Corporation defines clutter this way:

Clutter - n. 1. an untidy collection of objects, 2. a condition of disorderliness or overcrowding, vt - to make a place untidy or overfilled with objects.

Actually, I probably didn't need to give you this, but it does state a couple of obvious correlations about Feng Shui clutter. It's untidy. It can be overcrowding and it creates disorderliness. All these contribute to bad Feng Shui chi.

Feng Shui Clutter (as opposed to just clutter) -

  • It's one of the most obvious issues we have in our homes and our lives.
  • It's often the hardest to solve or around which to have resolution.
  • Sometimes we are the ones who create it. Sometimes it's our family members who create it.
  • There are many reasons and contributing factors for clutter.
  • Clutter affects us in dozens of ways.
  • Outward clutter often reflects inward issues and vise versa.
  • De-cluttering creates many beneficial results.

I'd like you to think about these questions.

How has clutter affected you? Can you find things? How much time do you think you waste looking for things? How do you feel around it? How do you feel when you are away from it? How do you feel when you think of locations in your home that have clutter? Do you have any idea how much it costs you in time looking for something, redoing or replacing something you've lost, or in storage fees to contain it?

We're going to discuss and address some of these questions and issues in upcoming blogs. One of the main reasons for this is to help you mentally prepare and decide to set aside some time during Mercury Retrogrades to take advantage of the energy of these occurrences to help you reduce and hopefully rid yourself of this bad Feng Shui chi. I hope you'll join me for them.

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