Feng Shui Clutter, Feng Shui Books and Eco Housing

by Linda Lenore on July 12, 2011

Feng Shui clutter, Feng Shui books and Eco Housing - You're probably wondering, "What in the world could they all have to do with each other?" I would have thought the same thing, but today I had several experiences worth sharing.

As I'm writing a book proposal, I wanted to view several books in my genre to see side-by-side comparisons for the introduction. Yes, I have many books - more than I care to admit - in the genre, but I can't find any of mine as they are packed away in boxes. These are boxes I still need to find and go through due to our green remodel project. (They're probably in the storage locker 3 miles away.) So off to the library I go.

When I arrive, I find exactly what I need - and very quickly. My community library is 1.3 miles from my home. That's a 15-minute walk through lovely neighborhoods. (Unfortunately I didn't walk this time as I had other errands to do.)

Schaberg Library in Redwood City

The local community library - Schaberg Library in Redwood City

While I was there, I discovered the city is planning to close the library - this in spite of the fact there is supposedly enough funds set aside for this library (not all the libraries in the system, specifically for this one) for the next couple of years. Several signs requested patrons of the library to contact the council members and library board urging them to keep it open.

How could a city - the head of a county seat who boasts a focus on green, sustainable practices - even consider closing a neighborhood library? I find it incredibly disturbing. Of course I was all over this.

For over an hour I sent emails to all - many of whom I know - requesting they continue offering this service to our neighborhood.

Feng Shui is about building community. Eco housing and sustainable building practices encourage both community building and access to local conveniences like parks, libraries and shopping centers to reduce the need for cars and even public transportation, which is sorely lacking in our community. There are lots of schools, low income families and even a senior center within a mile of this library. In fact, it is the closest library to the senior facility.

With a topic this week on Feng Shui clutter, Feng Shui books become a focal point. I know I have thought about this in the past, but today it really hit me. Libraries are a perfect solution. They reduce Feng Shui clutter of books. We don't need to keep them in our space - creating more Feng Shui clutter. We can retrieve them, and the information in them, at any point by utilizing the library.

Libraries make books eco-friendly. We're recycling the books over and over. It's like using antique furniture. They've already been created, let's just redistribute them and save a tree or three.

Between ebooks, audio books, Kindles, Nooks, iPads and other electronic reading devices, we don't need to cut down trees. That's a wonderful resource conservation technique for sustainability.

Many of these allow you to download magazines as well. I stopped most of my subscriptions years ago as I just don't have the time to go through them, but I'm of a nature where I feel I need to keep them - for some day or some use.

It's been hard to let go. Finally I realized most of the materials within them are easily found on the Internet. Or the information is outdated since technology changes things rapidly. Boxes of magazines have been released - but not all of them. I'm working towards releasing more. There is a time and a purpose to every season - and this is not the season to focus on releasing. That task is easier done during a Mercury Retrograde.

To bring everything together -

  • Libraries reduce our need for personal books, which in turn, reduces Feng Shui clutter in our homes.
  • Libraries are part of the community and help to build a sense of community, both of which are good Feng Shui chi and part of eco housing qualities and eco building practices.
  • According to sustainable practices and Feng Shui, books use up precious resources of trees from our planet as well as take up space within our homes. There's also the fact you may have used more trees to store those books on wood shelving units. Or maybe you purchased high-carbon-footprint-manufactured products.

Books, books, books! In what ways can you reduce your Feng Shui clutter around Feng Shui books and be more eco housing conscious? Please share with me your ideas on this. I'd love to learn about them.

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