Charity and Community Building – Abundant Gifts from an Apricot Tree

by Linda Lenore on July 19, 2011

In recent blogs and newsletters I've discussed building community, abundance and charity to bring good Feng Shui chi into our lives. Feng Shui clutter also has been a topic of conversation as I related a situation I am experiencing in my life.

My semi-dwarf apricot tree went wild this year providing me with several opportunities. I've been drying fruit, making jam, canning and freezing every night, while picking fruit off and on during the day. Not exactly what I wanted to be doing since I have so much I want to be writing. I can't be writing while fooling around with fruit.

Yet several universal laws have come into play during this process. If you know these laws, I think you'll find this comical. If you don't, you might find it interesting.

One of the laws is the Law of Attraction. This law states that what you think about you attract.

Here I was writing about - hence thinking about - Feng Shui clutter for my newsletter. I want to give my readers the opportunity to plan time during an upcoming Mercury Retrograde to take advantage of de-cluttering benefits - something the energy of "Mercury Retrograde" supports.

When you de-clutter, you make space for more. When you release things, a vacuum occurs that the Universe tries to fill. Having a clear intention how you want it filled is helpful, otherwise you might get "more" of something you don't want.

This week the kitchen I've diligently cleared is filled with apricots.  But I've also been writing about abundance and community building. I received an abundance of opportunities to do community building. I went to all the neighbors with fresh fruit. In the process I discovered a lady who has connections to several people in need of charity, especially fresh fruit.

Guess what? Charity is another topic I've been including in my writing.  Several bags of apricots later - with more scheduled to be given later this week - I've managed to claim back some open space in my kitchen while helping those in need.

There are other laws happening here as well. The Law of Sufficiency and Abundance is a big one.

Often we feel, or have been trained to believe, there is "lack" in this world. How can one simple little tree produce so much fruit if there is lack? It couldn't.

The biblical story of "Five Loaves and Two Fishes" comes to mind. At the end of the day when the disciples want to leave, Jesus says they need to share the five loaves and two fishes with the people who have spent the day with them as they, too, are hungry. After they pass everything around the thousands of people, there's still food leftover.

This is the Law of Sufficiency and Abundance in practice. The more you have the more you can give. Then the Law of Attraction kicks in. The more you give, the more you receive. Again, having some clarity about your desires benefits you by attracting what you want and need.

I'm clear I want time to write, yet also be able to enjoy the "fruits of my labor" - a phrase that came to me today.

One of the things I received from this experience, so far, is a helper. The lady to whom I gave the apricots helped me pick some. That gave me the gift of time.

Another is from my husband. First, he's fixing dinner while I write. And second, he's helping me make jam afterwards.

What do you really want in your life? On what are you focused? Is the Universe giving you "lemons" for lemonade, but you're too thirsty to make it? Or in my case, giving me "apricots" for pies and jams - PLUS stories about which to write.

I hope you are using the laws to attract the sweet nectar of life through the fruits of your labor and intention.

For me, this "Feng Shui job" has turned into "Feng Shui wealth" by building a community through an abundance of charitable gifts - "The Gifts of the Apricots."

(A little pun on names as I have written a book called, "The Gift of the Red Envelope" It has tips on Feng Shui, design and spirituality. You can order it through my website by clicking here.)

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