4th of July – Colors and Symbols of Independence Day

by Linda Lenore on July 4, 2011

Early on July 4th - Independence Day for the United States of American - I decide to celebrate in ways symbolic to me using the colors of red, white and blue as the traditional American colors along with their meaning from my Feng Shui training. Rituals of the day include the local parade where my daughter and her family are involved with a booth. They'll also be part of the parade since the boys' baseball league plays an active role in the community. All are excited for the day's many activities - some planned, while others are spontaneous.

After having worked very hard outdoors the last few days in three-digit temperatures, today is a re-coup day. Although the flag is still packed away due to the remodel, I have found enough things to be able to create a "red, white and blue" table setting.

While creating it, I think of the colors' symbology. This is what I feel symbolizes my American heritage; red is for the blood of the soldiers who have fought for our independence and freedom as well as the blood linage of my heritage; white is for the purity upon which this nation was built and the bright stars in the sky; and blue is for the oceans on several sides of this country, the lakes that dot this land with life and the vast sky that connects us all. I know there are other meanings, yet these are the ones on which I focus.

Through my Feng Shui studies and several other trainings I relate other feelings and thoughts; red is for fire that keeps us warm, the base-chakra energy-center of our body that is sometimes associated with the root kundalini energy, the color of summer and our personal fame, values and integrity; white is for childlike innocence and pure-of-heart qualities, youth, decision-making, mystery and the energy of air, wind and song; and blue brings the energy of water, flowing with what is (not what was or what might be), knowledge gained through studies, personal experiences and journeys within, assimilating this information with deep feelings and emotions, then trusting your heart while listening to your inner guidance during hibernation or meditation.

July 4th - Red, white and blue on the table and in the bowl.

July 4th - Red, white and blue on the table and in the bowl.

As the day unfolds, it brings bountiful blessings. The freedom to share the journey with my love, a star-spangeled surprise setting on our outdoor table with the blue sky above and the sound of water, albeit from the sprinklers and the cats drinking water, set the stage for one of those rare perfect summer days.

It started with a breakfast bowl of red, white and blue fruits from the local farmers' market made from strawberries, raspberries, Sharlyn melons, and blueberries, a patriot-colored table setting, the love of my life beside me sharing our accomplishments, beliefs, concerns and dreams.

Midday found us discovering old photos in a box and remembering a time of innocence. Uncovering an ancestors' old blueware enamel coffee pot used on a camp stove brought memories of my heritage and the warmth of campfires.  Allowing the day to unfold, on an errand, we ran into friends and had another bite to eat. A few unfinished "to do" items -taking maybe 10 minutes each to complete - made the day feel very productive.

Now it is time for a glass of iced "sun" tea or wine outside. The "sun tea" was created yesterday in the heat of the summer's day and is now nicely chilled. If you don't know how to make this, let me know. I'll be glad to share it with you.

Today I celebrate with gratitude my freedom to embrace my heritage, to explore the future, to express who I am and to be all I can become. My life is filled with the joys of a beautiful summer day. One of those summer days that sings to your spirit. A day for which your soul yearns and remembers forever.

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