Yin & Yang – A Balanced Approach to Life

by Linda Lenore on June 27, 2011

Sometimes life gets so busy we forget to, or feel we can't, take time out in our lives for that which is truly important - Yin and Yang balancing of life. I know I often struggle with this. The last couple of weeks have been an excellent example where I've tried to meld the two.

This is going to be a short update as it has been a very intense month. It's also very late at night, so let me share my point.

I have been "going" and "doing" for almost a month straight. I also made a commitment to myself to write a post everyday this month. That was an extreme goal knowing the schedule and it was something I had to show myself I could do on several levels.

I have kept my word to myself, yet being so late, I could have said, "Not tonight. I'm too tired or it's too late." Instead I'll share how I chose to spend my time today.

We have been with friends for the weekend working on their dream home. We had some quality time with them, which we enjoyed immensely. We had to make a few stops on the drive home, so it was later in the day than I had originally hoped to arrive.

While at their home, I looked upon her garden and dreamt it was mine. It's so lovely with all the plantings including her vegetable garden. The weather's been so cool in our region for this time of year most plants are smaller than normal. I longed to have a vegetable garden, but it won't happen this year as we don't have the time to devote to it right now.

When we arrived home, the weather was warmer than it was driving through San Francisco. This time of year we get the fog coming through the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a brisk 52 degrees with the wind blowing. At 5:30 it was a splendid 77 degrees in my backyard.

I brought in the suitcases, emptied the car and immediately headed to my rose garden. The ladies were badly faded as their voluptuous blooms are spent and dried from the heat and lack of water during it. My heart could hear them calling to be deadheaded and talked to sweetly encouraging the next succession of blooms. I could feel the tension of the drive slip away.

I took time to prune two of them when the lawn called gently to me. "Please, may I have a hair cut?" Ragged around the edge - and still needing that part done - I moved my attention to the small grassy area we have in the backyard. Ten minutes later it was "styled." Both these acts soothed this wiry soul.

We sat down for dinner - a shrimp cocktail and bread. Delectable!

No sooner than the dishes were done and I sat down on the sofa, I had a cat flop on my lap. Purrs of contentment immediately rumbled forth from this fragile body.

"Where have you been? Why did you leave me? I won't let you up!"

Shortly she was joined by her brother who rarely surrenders to such situations. As they both snuggled to me and each other - another rare event - total contentment filled me.

The Yang of "doing" was being balanced by the Yin of "being" - to revitalize, rejuvenate and restore peace of mind to one's busy lifestyle.

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