Yang Energy: A Feng Shui Fountain and Feng Shui Water Fountain

by Linda Lenore on June 9, 2011

Yang energy is important for the health and vitality of individuals as well as homes and what better way to increase the vitality than through the use of a Feng Shui fountain and Feng Shui water fountain. Let me say there is a difference between the two as one has water and the other does not.

When I think of a Feng Shui fountain, it usually is a "dry" fountain. Either the pump doesn't work or there never was a pump to circulate water. It is more of a Feng Shui decorating element to give the imagination the idea of water.

Feng Shui water fountain in front of Stanford Hospital

This Feng Shui water fountain in front of Stanford Hospital has great "Yang" energy. There are three separate water fountains that spray copious amounts of water upward into the air creating fabulous uplifting Feng Shui chi. Even when this fountain might be turned off, the "Yang" energy is still present thanks to the cypress plants, which also give an uplifting Feng Shui chi through their upward growth.

If that is the case, we will want to surround the fountain with plants or place plants in it to help the Feng Shui fountain to have the "Yang" energy we want for health and vitality.

Let me explain "Yang" energy. Yang energy is an active, alive, moving energy. It has to do with growth as well as abundance. It's uplifting and energizing.

A Feng Shui fountain without water will need to have something added to it to make it "come alive". We might add colorful tiles or a statue of an animate object, like a duck.

A "Feng Shui water fountain" is exactly what it sounds like - a Feng Shui fountain or water feature that actually contains water. The same terminology would be used whether the Feng Shui water fountain is inside or outdoors. Having water both inside as part of the Feng Shui architecture or Feng Shui decorating and outdoors in the Feng Shui landscaping brings beneficial Feng Shui chi to each area individually and the overall environment as a whole.

Feng Shui water fountain at Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto with Yin/Yang energy

In this Feng Shui water fountain at Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto we can see both Yin and Yang Feng Shui chi. In the back left corner of the photo you start to see the "gentle Feng Shui chi flow", or Yin energy. In the foreground, about six jets shoot water upward creating a Feng Shui water fountain with uplifting Yang energy.

The way water flows over rocks or sprays out of the nozzles or jets is one factor determining the type of energy created by the Feng Shui water fountain. In order for it to have "Yang" energy, it needs to be powerful or shooting upward. A trickle won't do it.

A Feng Shui institute where I did my Feng Shui training had a master who called these trickling Feng Shui water fountains, "Pee-Pee Fountains". I think you can get the Feng Shui image he was trying to convey.

A water fall usually has Yang energy as it twists, turns and tumbles over the rock and down cliffs, while a birdbath is Yin energy since it is still water. A creek or stream will probably have a combination of Yin and Yang for its Feng Shui chi.

In sharing the two pictures at the left, I want to convey some Feng Shui qualities I have observed in these locations. The Feng Shui water fountain in front of Stanford Hospital in Palo Alto, California, brings very beneficial Feng Shui chi to the hospital.

Stanford Hospital is a teaching hospital where people worldwide come to be treated for numerous diseases. Water is a universal healing symbol throughout the cultures of the world. Also, it is soothing to the body, mind and spirit when an individual and their family are going through a health challenge. This Feng Shui water fountain provides a nurturing quality compared to the harsh medically-driven interior of the hospital. It's the heart of the complex, like the fountain in the middle of a plaza, building a sense of community.

In the shopping center, the Feng Shui water fountains abound. I can think of at least five different ones. These fountains change the "feel" from a shopping center to a more park-like experience. I believe they even call it a "garden of fashion". It soothes the souls of children and husbands while they patiently (or not) wait. There are many locations for people to sit, talk, rest and meet.

In my Feng Shui training, one course lasted for two weeks and focused just on what is called "Water Dragon Feng Shui". That might give you an idea as to the amount of information or nuances there are within the Feng Shui study of water.

I'll share other examples of Yin and Yang Feng Shui water fountains in future posts, especially since the warm weather is prompting questions from several of you along these lines.


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