Wonderful Woodland Wedding: Feng Shui Marriage

by Linda Lenore on June 11, 2011

Feng Shui Love, Feng Shui Romance, Feng Shui Marriage - that is the dream wedding I attended today. A along time friend of over 20 years celebrated finding the Feng Shui love of her life through a ceremony in a Redwood grove in the Santa Cruz mountains.

Feng Shui Woodland Wedding Party

Here is the Feng Shui Wonderful Woodland Wedding Party. Blending families, I've only heard fabulous things about everyone and how much love there is to share amongst them all. Feng Shui chi is the energy of love. This family shares the Feng Shui love together.

The day couldn't have been more perfect. I wouldn't have expected it to be anything else as this beautiful lady knows how to attract the good things in life. She is one of those rare people who understands metaphysics and manifestation. She was practicing "The Secret" before it was a secret - before people started to make fun of the power of positive thinking and sharing only love wherever she goes.

The bride shared she was so delighted that her father was able to be there and "give her away".

Green Feng Shui Wedding

A "Green Feng Shui Wedding" with a BBQ fest for all. Decorations and party favors were a variety of herbal plants.

"He's only had to wait 62 years to do that ", she said. Although he had some serious health issues this last month that prevented him from literally "walking her down the aisle", several members of the wedding party figured out how to get him there with an ambulatory van.

He had a front row seat to be able to answer the question, "Who gives this women in marriage?" All eyes were on him at that moment. He almost missed his cue, but came through brilliantly.


Feng Shui Romance Cake

This beautiful Feng Shui Romance Cake was perfectly designed for love and romance. Roses are considered one of the best Feng Shui plants for love and romance. Red is for passion. Peachy pink is the color for love and compassion.

There were many Feng Shui symbols seen throughout the day and embraced in the ceremony. One part included the introduction of a bell.

"This is from the Celtic culture. It is used to change the maybe 'not-so-nice energy' that is sometimes created through disagreements. According to tradition, you ring the bell to bring 'harmony' back into the conversation - thus harmony back into your life," said Irene, another longtime friend.

When attending a celebration of life, or any event for that matter, I used to be concerned about the conversations I would have with people who would be sitting next to me. As I trust the Feng Shui chi to always place me in the right location, I had the delightful experience to become acquainted with an employee of the groom. He is studying "green and sustainable building practices" at the local community college and just was selected to be the head of a "green building" training organization.

Bride and Groom's first dance as "husband and wife"!

Feng Shui love and romance in bloom. The Bride and Groom's first dance as "husband and wife"!

His comment was, "What are the chances I'd sit next to someone who had the same interests I share?" I inwardly chuckled as he is more involved in the technical side of the green building industry and not used to the "coincidences" of life - a quality I have in common with the bride and groom. I actually didn't know the groom possessed that side until later in the day.

As we danced away the afternoon, I had a moment to talk with the groom. He shared he had asked a "dowser and astrology friend" when would be the best day to get married. Answering several questions posed to him by the astrologer, the groom was told that in Santa Cruz on June 11th, he should start the wedding in the morning and the reception should not start until the afternoon.

The wedding started around 11:30 ending about 12:15. Thus the reception started in the afternoon. The weather and location were absolutely perfect - sunny, very little breeze, not too warm or cool - just perfect for each and every activity of the day. You don't often get that in the mountains near Santa Cruz.

What a wonderful woodland wedding this was for the Feng Shui romance of this lovely couple to start their life together  - a Feng Shui marriage at its best.

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