The “Ba-Gua” – A Map of Our Dwellings & Mind

by Linda Lenore on June 22, 2011

When I first started my Feng Shui (pronounced "fung shway") study over 25 years ago, the school I happened onto was the "Ba-Gua" school. Called the Ba-Gua School by many as it uses an eight-sided object as the "map" to the energies of our dwellings.

In many of the Asian cultures, the word "Ba" stands for "eight" and the word "Gua" means "sides", henceforth, "Ba-Gua" means "eight-sided". Within this Ba-Gua (sometimes spelled Pa-Kua) resides the nine areas of our lives along with several items in each area that are related to, or are Feng Shui symbols associated with, them.

By placing the Ba-Gua on top of a floor plan to our home with the front door aligned with one of the "three doors" (sometimes this school is called the "Three Door School"), we can locate the various aspects of our lives within our home.

For instance, if we are having challenges getting or keeping a job, we will want to evaluate the entrance to our home if the door is in the middle section of the front of the building. If the door is on the far left side, we will want to look at the room located in the front middle section of the house as that is the area of "Career". Is there clutter? Is it dirty? Is it a room that's never use?

Here is the Ba-Gua. Please refer to it as you read the following.

Basic Ba-Gua

Basic Ba-Gua used as an overlay on the floor plan to a building or room depicting the areas of life situations, elements and Feng Shui colors.

When we place the Ba-Gua on top of the floor plan of the building, we first divide the space into thirds both directions. This will give us a 3 x 3 square or rectangle, if the building is square or rectangular. (You can either actually draw this on your floor plan or imagine it in your head - whichever works for you.) In other words, we will have nine smaller squares or rectangles within the larger one.

The three square/rectangular areas in the front from left to right are: Knowledge, Career and Helpful People.

The three square/rectangular areas in the middle from left to right are: Family, Health and Children.

The three square/rectangular areas in the back from left to right are: Wealth, Fame and Partnership.

The front door/main door into the home will align with the door openings located at the bottom of the drawing. You will notice it's labeled "Left Entrance", "Middle Entrance" and "Right Entrance". When you are standing outside in front of your dwelling, where is the door located? Is it more to the right or left of center?

You would be walking into the home using the appropriate door entrance. If it is to the right, that is the area of "Helpful People"; to the left, it is the area of "Knowledge".

Let's say you live in a square condo. You walk in through a door, which when you view it from the front outside, is on the left side. You are entering the condo through the "Knowledge" area of the Ba-Gua. "Knowledge" has the energy to learn, study and teach.

This helps orient you with your dwelling. Also, it has an affect on how your mind perceives the space. These are part of the usage of the Ba-Gua. There are many intricacies within the Ba-Gua and its use.

This is a beginning explanation of the Ba-Gua. I will elaborate on it in future posts. If you want more information before then, I have written a book with a spiritual perspective that includes the Ba-Gua along with other Feng Shui design concepts. You may purchase my book, "The Gift of the Red Envelope: A Guide to Designing Balance, Order and Beauty in Your Home" through my www.Linda website.

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