Playhouses at Stanford Shopping Center

by Linda Lenore on June 10, 2011

When I first moved a couple of towns from the Stanford Shopping Center, every now and then I would see some incredible playhouses pop up on display.

Feng Shui Creekside Cottage

Creekside Cottage - Good Feng Shui Chi since it's located by water.

I marveled at the creativity expressed in the design and construction of them. I also thought, "If I were a child..."  and how magical it would be playing in them in my own backyard.

June 11th is the last day you can view these miniature marvels of magnificent design. Although they aren't necessarily "green house plans designs" or "Feng Shui design", I'm sharing them with you as they are worth viewing. Maybe, just maybe, they will rekindle the Feng Shui image of environmental architecture you've always dreamed would be yours.

The "Playhouse Tour" is part of "Dreams Happen" - a biennial fundraising event benefiting Rebuilding Together Peninsula.

Blue Marauder Playhouse

Blue Marauder Playhouse

"These extraordinary playhouses have been created and donated by renowned Bay Area architects, designers and builders", according to the Playhouse Tour Map brochure.

Fourteen playhouses are up for auction and one playhouse is awarded at the Gala Event's Playhouse Drawing. All proceeds benefit Rebuilding Together Peninsula.

The Playhouse Tour Map brochure continues by stating, "Rebuilding Together Peninsula builds volunteer partnerships to rehabilitate homes and community facilities for low-income homeowners and neighbors - seniors, disabled or families - so they can live independently in warmth and safety."

Oblique House Playhouse

Oblique House Playhouse


This speaks to my heart. Although I am not currently involved with the organization, I have seen success stories and know many who could benefit from their help.


This year the organization is celebrating 22 years of service on the Peninsula. Rebuilding Together Peninsula has successfully restored over 1,400 homes and community facilities for our neighbors in need.


Each team gives a name describing the theme of the design they've created. Here are the ones for this year.

  1. (f)
  2. Tanglewood
  3. Science Lab
  4. Creekside Cottage
  5. Backyard Outpost
  6. GyMAZEium
  7. Blue Marauder
  8. Tudoor Wunderland
  9. The magic Treehouse
  10. MPFA Dreamhouse No. 1 (Stands for "Menlo Park Firefighters Association" and station number)
  11. Cotswold Cottage
  12. Oblique House
  13. Casita del Sol
  14. The Dwell little "D"
  15. E-I-E-I-O


MPFA Playhouse - Menlo Park Firefighters Association Dream house Fire station No. 1

MPFA Playhouse - Menlo Park Firefighters Association Dreamhouse Firestation No. 1

I'm sorry I only have room to share a few of these. I've chosen those with the best picture quality, creativity and interesting detail. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed photographing them.

I know my "little child" wants to come out and play. Maybe one is going to a good home where I am welcome to join them.

One year, about 10 years ago, I did manifest working with a client who had purchased one of the playhouses. It was just delightful to see it in the garden amongst the fruit trees and vineyard. Just the thought brings back warm childhood memories.

I didn't have a playhouse, nor did my children, but I always wanted a "Hideaway". I think most kids do, so we create places that protect us from our fears as well as house our dreams.

MPFA Playhouse (Back view) - Menlo Park Firefighters Association Dream house Fire station No. 1

MPFA Playhouse (Back view) - Menlo Park Firefighters Association Dreamhouse Firestation No. 1

I created mine under an arbor covered with roses. That's one reason I love roses. They always transport me back to a time of innocence, fun, the mystical and magical.

Did you have a playhouse? Was there a friend who had one? If you have children, have you built one for them? What are the qualities you'd like to have in it? Are they the same qualities you'd like in your home?

I think we start visioning our homes from a very young age. Does your childhood "hideaway" - whether an actual playhouse or make-shift creation -  resemble any qualities you find in your home. Please share with me what, if anything, you discover about it. I'd love to know more about your dreams - your dream house and housing your dreams!

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