Feng Shui Kitchen & Feng Shui Kitchen Colors: Home Buyers and Yang Energy – Part 3

by Linda Lenore on June 14, 2011

As I have been sharing in the last few post, the Feng Shui kitchen is the heart and hearth of the home and the Feng Shui kitchen colors can be an integral part of the solution for potentially imbalanced spaces. The Feng Shui kitchen colors relate mainly to Five Element Theory. In the Feng Shui design and Feng Shui decorating of the kitchen, the five Feng Shui chi elements - Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal - play a major role.

Yang energy Feng Shui kitchen appliances

Yang energy is represented in this Feng Shui kitchen through the use of multiple appliances - cooktop, microwave, oven and dishwasher. The glass light fixture is faceted, which adds to the Yang qualities of it. Even the area rug with a stripe pattern brings in the linear Yang energy. Add the sunlight view through the East-facing window and you have a Feng Shui kitchen with lots of vitality - a most desirable quality for a Feng Shui kitchen.

The fire element represents the feeling of "hearth" that creates the heart of the home. The kitchen was the central hub in the home and the fireplace/hearth was the heart of the kitchen.

Today's kitchens have many features we never dreamed would exist: the functionality of gas and electric stoves, ovens, cooktops, microwave and convection ovens, including warming drawers; the extensive cabinetry made from exotic woods; beautiful masonry, tiles, marbles and granites from around the world; small electric appliances to help us create every gourmet food possible - and homemade at that; lighting used to be one central fixture in the middle of the kitchen - not even over the sink - while now we have recessed, halogen and LED ceiling mounted and wall mounted fixtures; and gadgets up to kazoo. All these influence the energy of the Feng Shui kitchen.

Since I have been focused on the Yang qualities of kitchen design, let me continue with how all these amenities contribute and affect the Yang energy of the Feng Shui kitchen. Of these, let's start with the amount of appliances using gas or electricity, light fixtures and environmental architecture for today.

Yang light fixture in a Feng Shui kitchen

This interesting light fixture brings plenty of Yang energy into this Feng Shui kitchen design. Along with the horizontal hardware drawer pulls and the splashes of yellow and red in the accessories of both the kitchen and dinette areas, this predominately metal element kitchen starts to balance the elements.

The more gas or electric burners we have on a stove or cooktop, the more Yang energy visually seen. The more ovens - double ovens, microwave, convection and warming drawers - the more Yang energy present in the Feng Shui kitchen. The more small electric appliances displayed or ready for use, the more Yang energy utilized in the space.

Lighting adds to the "Yang energy" through the inclusion of electricity to operate it, thus generating heat, as well as visual interest in many cases. Some fixtures are more Yang in their design. For instance, if it has an irregular shape versus round, or if the color is red, orange or yellow versus another color, the fixture would increase the Yang energy in the Feng Shui kitchen.

Angled ceilings create Yang energy in this Feng Shui kitchen.

Angled ceilings create Yang energy in this Feng Shui kitchen.

Structural elements of the building such as angles in the ceiling or walls also bring additional Yang energy to the Feng Shui kitchen.

I've included pictures with examples of these to help you visually grasp several of these concepts.

Future posts will discuss other structural elements like posts and beams, backsplash, tile, countertop and floor patterns as well as optimum appliance placement since they, too, are key components of the Feng Shui kitchen.



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