Feng Shui Kitchen & Feng Shui Kitchen Colors: Home Buyers and Yang Energy – Part 2

by Linda Lenore on June 13, 2011

As stated in my last blog post, one of the most important areas on which to focus your Feng Shui design and Feng Shui decorating of a home is on the Feng Shui kitchen and Feng Shui kitchen colors. The reason is the need to bring a balance of the elements into the kitchen - the heart of the home - in order to create health, harmony and happiness for the occupants of that home.

Wood kitchen - Not Feng Shui kitchen

A predominately wood kitchen, as you can tell from the wood cabinets and wood floor, feels void of love and energy. To make this a Feng Shui kitchen, the use of the Feng Shui kitchen colors of red or yellow would raise the "yang" energy. Also, we could have small electrical appliances set out. The "yang" energy gives life to a space, making it feel cozy and more like the "hearth" and heart of the home.

Feng Shui chi is partly based on the Five Elements - Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire. Our original "kitchens" were a place to wash food (water) and cook it (fire). Most of the time these tasks were done outdoors on the land (earth), but once in a while it might have been in a cave (more earth) or in a glen surrounded by trees (wood). As we became more knowledgeable, we created utensils made from bone and some metals (metal).

Again, the two main elements connected with the activity around food preparation and eating are water and fire. Generally we associate the water element as a "Yin" energy, while the fire element is considered a "Yang" energy.

Today I am focusing on "Yang energy" with the fire element since it is the Yang energy that supports growth, vital health and the central theme of the hearth. The hearth quality is a pivotal quality for a Feng Shui kitchen. After all, the Feng Shui kitchen is where we gather, prepare food, eat and spend much of our time. The "hearth" is the hub, focal point and focus of those activities with the fiery Yang energy a key component of it.

Kitchen with Feng Shui kitchen color and Sunlight

As a Feng Shui kitchen color, the orange tone to these oak cabinets brings lots of "Yang" energy to this potentially imbalanced space. I say "potentially" since the kitchen has lots of wood and earth (in the tile floor and counters). Orange is one of three Feng Shui kitchen colors used to add Fire/Yang energy in order to bring balance into a space. Sunlight streaming through the windows can add yang fire quality to enrich the Feng Shui kitchen, making it feel warmer, more like the hearth and heart of the home.

Let me give you a short explanation. We have five elements in Feng Shui chi - earth, metal, water, wood and fire; they can either support each other or undermine each other; we look at the actual elements; we look at the shapes associated with the five elements; and, we look at the colors of the five elements.

The elements used in the construction of a kitchen do not include fire. They include wood cabinets, metal appliances, wood or earth floors and countertops made from a variety of materials - none of which are fire. We do have fire in the form of the stove, cooktop, oven and electrical appliances (that are seen and not stored), but that's it. We might add candles or have windows or skylights that let sunlight into the Feng Shui kitchen.

The shape of fire is the pyramid or triangle, but rarely do we find that in a kitchen.

The Feng Shui kitchen colors for fire are red, orange and yellow. Most kitchens have been void of these colors. Yet there does seem to be an innate transitioning towards some of these colors.

A few trends I'm seeing leading to better balance in the Feng Shui kitchen colors are red and yellow accents in appliances and interior paint design. The Kitchen Aid red mixer is an excellent example.

The Feng Shui kitchen color has red as an accent in this Feng Shui kitchen

The Feng Shui kitchen color "red" is used as an accent in this Feng Shui kitchen. The red represents the "fire" element and brings a Yang quality to the kitchen making it feel more alive. This "aliveness" supports the energy of the hearth and represents the Feng Shui heart of the home.

Back in the the 1950's and early 1960's, the imbalance created by white metal kitchen cabinets were offset through the Feng Shui kitchen colors of red and yellow, the "Yang" energy colors of fire. I remember the red- or yellow-checkered table cloths and tea towels, a yellow "Mixmaster Mixer" (I still have my mother's) and yellow painted walls.

I don't know if Schillings Spices knew Feng Shui kitchen colors or just good marketing. In the beginning their metal cans and spice jars were predominately red and yellow.

These two colors attract the most attention - henceforth, our emergency vehicles primarily consist of these colors. Of the Feng Shui design colors linked to fire, red and yellow are the two colors accepted by most people. About half the population is repelled by orange, so of the three Feng Shui kitchen colors, these two are key!

When analyzing a Feng Shui kitchen, mostly I find wood, earth and metal are the dominate elements, thus generating a major imbalance where both water and fire are minimally represented - the two most critical elements in the kitchen.

I hope the pictures help you visualize the imbalances found in most kitchens. For a kitchen to be a "Feng Shui kitchen" design, we need the balance of the elements with more fire and water energy compared to the other three elements. And again, for the space to feel like the "hearth" it needs more fire. This will create the feeling of "heart of the home"!


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supriya December 29, 2014 at 8:41 pm

Hi, my query is that purple will be ideal in place of red..will it go according to the feng shui


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