Feng Shui Kitchen & Feng Shui Kitchen Colors: Home Buyers and Yang Energy – Part 1

by Linda Lenore on June 12, 2011

One of the most important areas on which to focus your Feng Shui design and Feng Shui decorating of a home is on the Feng Shui kitchen and Feng Shui kitchen colors in order to create health, harmony and happiness for the occupants. You might be asking, "Why?"

Feng Shui kitchen colors - Red stained floor color

One of the Feng Shui kitchen colors is red. This red-stained cherry floor color, along with the cooktop, starts to bring balance into an imbalanced space, according to Feng Shui.

The Feng Shui kitchen is the heart of the home. It is the central hub of the house - a place where we gather, eat, do homework, have conversations and develop closer ties to one another while we hear about the day's events.

Fireplaces or wood-burning stoves provided the source of heat to cook food in the kitchen. In a one-room building, the fireplace provided heat for the building as well as fire to cook. This was the hearth and "heart" of the home.

The fire element has always been an essential element of the kitchen, especially the Feng Shui kitchen. It is the yang energy for body, mind and spirit, bestowing the warmth of food, the mesmerizing dance of creativity and the vitality of hope.

Throughout antiquity, as humans, we have gathered around the fire while food was being prepared and cooked. Fireplaces have been the source of heat when it's been cold - heating chilled bodies, chilled rooms and chilled water for the weekly bath.

With the invention of furnaces and heaters, the fireplace "hearth" of the home was moved to other gathering locations - living rooms, dining rooms, family rooms, libraries and master suites - to provide ambience. The significance of this move has been the imbalance it created in the home, especially the "yang" energy needed in a Feng Shui kitchen.

Sunlight fills this Feng Shui kitchen with much-needed "Yang energy".

Fire energy, or Yang" energy, is needed in Feng Shui kitchen design to create a balance of the elements. Sunlight fills this Feng Shui kitchen with much-needed "Yang" energy. The incredible view of San Francisco adds, beyond words, an additional type of vibrancy to this Feng Shui kitchen.

Yang energy is an active, alive, warmth type of energy. It helps us feel protected, feeds our body, stimulates our brain and adds vitality to life. Ways to bring Yang energy into our lives is through food, color or the element "fire" - as in fireplaces, candles and sunlight.

For a Feng Shui kitchen to be balanced, it needs to have an ample amount of Yang energy. Fire is the element supplying the highest vitality of Yang quality energy. Thus, Feng Shui kitchens need to have the fire element, not only present, but in abundance.

Food, fun and family have always been associated together. Everyone knows when there's a party, everyone gathers in the kitchen. Yang energy is an essential element for a successful Feng Shui kitchen design, especially the "fire element" energy.

In this post I don't have enough space to go into great detail, but let it suffice to say there isn't nearly enough fire element in most kitchens. My next post will tell you more about the Yang energy of the Feng Shui kitchen and Feng Shui kitchen colors. It will give you examples to help you implement balance through the use of Feng Shui kitchen colors.



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