Feng Shui Chi – Symbolic “Mouth of Chi”

by Linda Lenore on June 1, 2011

For an entrance to have "Good Feng Shui" there are certain things to keep in mind. It doesn't matter if we are talking about the entrance to a home, the entrance to a business or the entrance to a city, we are talking about the Feng Shui "Mouth of Chi".

In previous posts I shared a building in Los Angeles' Chinatown, showing how enticing the building was, especially the Feng Shui Chi Entrance. (See blog post: "Entrances - Attracting Good Feng Shui Chi").

Feng Shui Chi - Mouth Entrance

A Feng Shui Chi Entrance, this doctor's office and medical building have the symbolic round opening to allow good energy to find its way to the doorway to easily enter it. As part of the Feng Shui architecture and Feng Shui design of a building, I've often seen this at restaurants. This is the first time I've seen a doctor's office with the Feng Shui Chi entrance. This one has a metal gate, which is also in the round shape to ensure security of the building when the office is closed. As compared to the adjoining office, which only has a metal gate, the energy is softly attracted to the busy medical practice bringing "good fortune and prosperity as well as health" to those who enter.

While I was walking around Chinatown, I saw another Feng Shui Chi entrance that caught my eye. It was a traditional "Mouth of Chi" entrance - round in shape symbolizing the breath of life as if we were to blow out through our mouth (or suck in through our mouth).

Having seen this many times, it normally would not have been a big issue, but this one had a beautifully detailed metal gate that slid on rollers like those used on a barn door to open and close it. I loved the creativity and ingenuity involved with the design of this Feng Shui Chi entrance. After all, I am a designer by trade as well as in heart, so the blending of the symbology with a technical solution to a design/mechanical problem was definitely worthy of my time to stop long enough to take a picture and examine the physical design with the Feng Shui design of the doorway and gate.

It stood out even more since the office entrance next to it, although covered with a red metal gate, did not have the same wonderful "feel" this round Feng Shui Chi entrance carried with it.

There were other entrances around of interest, but few, if any, had the "welcoming", or inviting, energy this one had.


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