Memorial Day – The Feng Shui of Skylawn Memorial Park

by Linda Lenore on May 30, 2011

When I first learned about Feng Shui from Professor Lin-Yun over 25 years ago, he mentioned how the Feng Shui of burial sites were a major consideration for the Chinese culture. He stated it could bring either bad or good luck to the descendents. How beneficial or auspicious this energy depended on the location of the burial site.

A view of the Feng Shui section of Skylawn Memorial Park in San Mateo in the early 1990's. Foo Dogs guard the entrance while the flowers create the "breath" of the auspicious Dragon.

The belief was to have a site where the spirit of the person could leave with an unobstructed path to their homeland. For someone with an Asian ancestry, this hilltop location allowed an unobstructed viewpoint to the west over the Pacific Ocean towards their homeland.

Finding a good location for the departed loved one requires detailed information some of which is the birth date and place.

All around this section of the memorial park I found various symbols of power, prosperity and peace - symbols to ensure blessings for them in the afterlife.

Feng Shui section of Skylawn Memorial Park

From the top of the Shrine area of the Feng Shui section of Skylawn Memorial Park, one can see beyond the hill to the ocean. Only the Pacific Ocean separates the burial site of the departed loved one from their safe journey to their homeland.

Although I did not personally inquire as to the price for these plots, I heard at one point they were the same as the price of a home at the same time. This was nearly 20 years ago, so I don't know what monetary value has been placed on them now.

Personally, I do know several families who purchased plots for their ancestors feeling it was the right thing to do to honor them. These same individuals seem to have incredibly "LUCKY" lives.

Later I discovered other locations of this same memorial park had been designed to support the beliefs of several cultures to adhere to the requests of the descendents for similar beliefs.

On this day as we remember the loved ones who have passed from this earthly plane, may we have an awareness of our heritage and our connection to each other, our homeland and this planet - Earth.


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