Good Feng Shui – LA Chinatown Gem

by Linda Lenore on May 22, 2011

Here is the refurbished bar area of the store, Realm, located in Los Angeles' Chinatown. There is beautiful detail throughout the store.

The entrance to this gem gently guides the flow of Feng SHui Chi into the building.

While visiting family in the Los Angeles area, I came across a fabulous example of Good Feng Shui. I love to see what each Chinatown looks like and haven't been in the Los Angeles Chinatown since I was a child. Although small by comparison to San Francisco, I was attracted to a "gem" within the square.

Here is "Realm", a store filled with not only beautiful items, but architectural details from the 1950's.  From the "good Feng Shui" welcoming entrance outside to the guidance of Feng Shui Chi into the building and then the objects within - a mixture of 50's and Asian arts - it is a delight to behold for this Feng Shui Master.

Enjoy the pictures.

Here is a Feng SHui gem in the middle of LA's Chinatown that attracted me to it. A remodeled bar from the 1950's, this building welcomes you with open arms.

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